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Howard Jacobson

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Pre-PPC Strategies For Launching a New Product

Favorite Iinterests of women ... Whole Foods Market

These three steps, iterated until you get what you're looking for, can get you to the stage where it makes sense to invest in the creation of your Minimum Viable Product, at which point you can start using PPC to see if anyone will buy.

How to Win in the Google Stock Market

Stock market

A keyword's value depends on what kind of value you can extract from it – by repelling unqualified leads and attracting qualified ones. Through steady improvement, you can achieve market domination in one, and then an entire family, of keywords.

Search Triggers: A Secret to More Powerful PPC Ads

Sad Dog

Most people don't search for a solution to their problem until something triggers them to do something about whatever pain or longing they've been suffering. By understanding these common search triggers, you can make your paid search ads stand out.

Don't Hire Yoda to Run Your Search Marketing

Yoda Fountain

Your goal as a marketer in high-stakes situations is to reduce the perceived risk of “worse.” To offer the best escape route to the fearful. One of the best ways to do this is to be the anti-Yoda, to offer fully the commitment-free concept of “try.”

Your Hidden PPC Prospect: Google


Once you grok the basic Google concept (a win for the searcher is a win for Google), AdWords becomes not easy, but simple. Write ads and create landing pages and websites that serve your prospects’ first and your business second.