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David Harry

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Hi my name is Dave and I am an algo-holic

I am an avid search geek that spends most of his time reading about and playing with search engines. My main passion has always been about the technical side of things from a strong perspective rooted in IR and related technologies.

Articles by David Harry

How Search Engines Rank Web Pages

The Search Black Box

These are the core concepts of modern search – ranking factors, signals, graphs, and personalization. This is neither a guide to Google nor Bing. It is a starting point to better understand the landscape of how search engines rank web pages.

SEO Quick Wins: Google Query Data

Google GWT query data

Your goal: to ensure you're getting the most from your SERP display and keyword targeting. Here's how to use Google Analytics to get at non-branded query data to improve your click-through rate, focus term targeting, and improve search rankings.

It's Time to Change the SEO Mindset

Stop the Link Addiction

The whole nature of search has changed drastically. But what isn't entirely clear is how SEO providers have evolved to meet this new reality. The fake-it-til-you-make-it days of "just throw some links at it" are well and truly gone, my friends.

SEO Reporting: How Much is Too Much?

How much reporting is too much

SEO reporting can definitely drag on productivity, so where does one stop? Should you take a minimalist approach, keeping things actionable and getting on with the work at hand, or bombard clients with pages full of flowery terminology and graphs?

Taking Another Look at Guest Blogging & Outreach

Matt Cutts on Blogger Outreach

Are you struggling with link building? Freaked out by Penguins and unnatural link messages? A lot of SEO folks are and seem to be putting a ton of stock into outreach and guest posting. But is it going to work? We dig in to see where things stand.

Are Directory Links Still Worth Doing?


What makes a safe link? Google Penguin is continuing to send shockwaves through SEO as people try to make sense of the new rules. Are any link directories still worth the effort, and what kind of directories still matter in terms of SEO value?

Life After Google Penguin – Going Beyond the Name

Penguins at the Googleplex

Don't try too hard to look for dates and names of updates. Rather, look more to the effects as Google’s algorithm evolves so you can adapt accordingly. What really matters is that Google is looking harder at link spam now, so you should be too.

Negative SEO: Looking for Answers from Google

Google guns

It seems we're finally starting to see more of what many have suspected: that others can indeed affect your rankings with bad links – otherwise known as negative SEO. And this time it's going to be damned hard to get the worms back into the can!

SEO & Google: The Ugly Truth

Matt Cutts PSA

We don't need to run around after every algo update post, every webmaster notification, word from a Googler's lips, screaming to the world that something is amiss and how they're out to persecute us. Get a grip. Stop scaring the noobs and clients.

Google Freshness and Temporal Data


A look at some of the past patents and documents from Google to help give us a sense of how search engines look at temporal elements and understand the temporal factors of search so that we can better measure and perform modern SEO.

Search Personalization & the User Experience

3 stages of search personalization

As the engines evolve we need to find ways to evolve with them. This is what I like to call “future proofing.” If you know your history and have an intimate understanding of the present, you will most certainly be positioned well for the future.