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  1. Blekko Tests Search Ads

    Startup search engine Blekko has recently begun to test search ads on its site. It works with several large brands through feeds from Google and Bing but doesn't have direct relationships with any confirmed brands as of right now.

  2. Google Enhances Ad Sitelinks

    Google is upping its game with improvements to ad sitelinks. The new sitelink option gives users more options while delivering more clicks for advertisers. On average, Google said the click through rate is 30 percent higher for ads with sitelinks.

  3. Valentine’s Day 2012 Ideas for Marketers

    Valentines Day is less than two weeks away. For marketers looking to take advantage, Google and Microsoft adCenter have provided several ideas based on what users are already searching for. Top searches, products, and optimization tips.

  4. Google Maps Adds Emergency Alerts

    If a major storm is headed you way, Google wants to be your information guide. The Google Crisis Response team is looking to be your go to information source on when a storm will strike, how bad will it be, and what resources are available to help.

  5. Fifth Annual Doodle 4 Google Contest Kicks Off

    Children in grades K-12 in the U.S. are invited to enter the fifth annual Google's Doodle 4 Google contest. The theme for this year’s contest is “If I could travel in time, I’d visit…” and this year Google will name a winner from every state.

  6. Holiday Shoppers Hooked on Deals in 2011 [Infographic]

    TIPPR, a daily deals website, compiled an infographic which summarizes consumer activity over the 2011 holiday season. 90% of shoppers said they were likely to buy a daily deal and 87% were more likely to buy a deal suggested to them by a friend.

  7. Googlebot for Smartphones & Some Useful Stats

    Last week Google announced that Googlebot-Mobile now crawls with a smartphone user-agent in addition to previous feature phone users-agents. The new crawler will optimize content displayed on smartphones where it is specifically made for smartphones.

  8. Google's 20 Largest U.S. Search Advertisers of 2011

    IAC/ InterActiveCorp is topping all Google search advertisers this year, according to data from Kantar, which began estimating Google's search spending in the U.S. last spring, basing their numbers on keyword clicks, pricing, and impression data.

  9. AdWords Editor Adds Top-of-Page Bid Estimate Support

    The latest AdWords Editor update, 9.7.1, includes top-of-page estimates via Automated Rules, the ability to manage bids based on these estimates, as well as the ability to filter keywords within advanced search, as well as targeting improvements.

  10. adCenter Introduces Multi-Metric Trend Graphs

    Over the past years adCenter performance history has been a bit hard to understand, let alone access. This has now changed with the new adCenter Multi-Metric Trend Graphs that will allow you to more easily understand your campaign performance.