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  1. Need a Beer? KegDroid Has Got You Covered!

    Do you love beer? Do you love Android? Meet KegDroid, a revolutionary new way to get your beer! Designed by a Google employee, KegDroid's design lets you select and order your beer at the click of a button and then dispenses your favorite brew.

  2. Cube Turns Google Maps Into Puzzle Game

    First there was Google Play. Now you can play Google Maps. Google has released Cube, a Google Maps-based game where you take control of a small blue ball and navigate it around various cities while learning factoids about Google Maps.

  3. AdWords Limits New Ad Rotation to 30 Days

    Google has announced that the "rotate" feature in AdWords will change starting next week. The change limits ad rotation to 30 days. After the 30 days, AdWords will optimize and show the ads that are converting the best and getting the most clicks.

  4. Google Adds Google+ Share Button

    Google has announced the Google+ Share button. Google has made it very easy for website owners to embed the Google+ share button on their websites and visitors to easily share content to their Google+ page from anywhere on the web.

  5. Google AdWords Tests Trusted Stores Endorsements

    Google has started testing out a variety of customer service endorsements within paid search ads. About a dozen of the “couple hundred” retailers participating in the Google's Trusted Stores’ program are taking part in this ad experiment.

  6. Google’s Human Trafficking Ad Policy Questioned

    Lawmakers are concerned about human trafficking advertisements appearing on Google. In a letter to CEO Larry Page, they are requesting Google share its policy for sexually exploitative advertisements and how it ensures those policies are followed.

  7. Google Driverless Car Chauffeurs Blind Man

    The goal of Google's self-driving car project is to make driving safer, more enjoyable, and efficient. How safe is it? Well, Google recently let one man who lost 95 percent of his vision and doesn't even have a driver’s license behind the wheel.

  8. Google Patents Ads Based on Environmental Conditions

    Background noise, rain, snow, temperature, humidity, light and other environmental factors could one day affect the Google ads you see. Google just received a patent for “advertising based on environmental conditions” to users.