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Microsoft adCenter Upgrades for 2011 Holiday Season


Microsoft adCenter upgraded their reporting tools, features, and user interface. Microsoft believes these new changes will help advertisers to understand their accounts better for the upcoming holiday season. A look at what's new in adCenter.

Google Product Ads Now Show 5 Products


Google announced an improvement to its Product Ads: the ability to show up to 5 different products at a time.This improvement will help shoppers to see your exact products before they come to your site. Also: six PPC tips for the holiday season.

LG to Debut Google TV in January


Shortly after Logitech's CEO called its Google TV deal a huge mistake, it's being reported that LG will debut a Google TV at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2012. This will be LG's first model with Google TV software pre-installed.

Google May Penalize Your Site for Having Too Many Ads


Google is looking at penalizing ad heavy sites that make it difficult for people to find good content on web pages. “If you have ads obscuring your content, you might want to think about it,” Matt Cutts said yesterday during a keynote at Pubcon.

Disney, YouTube Strike a Video Deal


Walt Disney Company and Google's YouTube are partnering together to help gain Web dominance by spending a combined $10 million to $15 million on original video series to help engage children online. This new channel is set to launch in 2012.

Google Now Shows Ads Below Search Results


Ads that were previously shown to the side of the results may in some cases appear below the search results. Google reports that ad click-throughs are performing better when integrated into the search results instead of being displayed on the sides.

Google Refreshes AdWords Location Targeting


The Locations Targeting interface is getting a makeover in AdWords. Google is trying to make it easier for advertisers to navigate and obtain more detail on potential target locations through their AdWords accounts. Here's a quick walkthrough.

Google Opens Dynamic Search Ads Program

Google AdWords Logo

Google has announced Dynamic Search Ads. Google will index your site frequently for changes, take the keywords from your website, and generate a highly dynamic search ad based on search queries in Google that you don't have set up in AdWords.

Is Google Still Interested In Buying Hulu?


For months we’ve heard rumors that Hulu has been up for grabs, with potential buyers including Google, Yahoo, Amazon, and others. Although Hulu has officially announced that a sale isn’t happening, might Google still be in the running to buy Hulu?

Google +1's Arrive on Display Ads


If you are running ads in the Google Display Network, you should begin seeing +1 buttons and annotations on all your ads. The +1 button and annotations should be fully deployed and showing up on all eligible inventory over the next couple weeks.