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Valentine's Day 2013 PPC Tips


February 14th is just around the corner. That means it’s time to get your PPC campaigns in check for Valentine’s Day. Here are the hottest keywords for you to bid on, what keywords people are searching for on Google, and how to get ads that convert.

Google Allows Users to Mute Display Ads


For customers who no longer want to see a certain display ad, [x] marks the spot. Google has announced a new icon, known as "mute this ad", for many ads appearing on the Google Display Network. To "mute" an ad, users can click on a small [x].

How to Remove Google's Black Navigation Bar


Since the black Google+ bar debuted in June 2011, there have been plenty of complaints about it and many people still hate it. How do you remove the black bar? A new trick to eliminate the bar from Google's home page has been discovered.

Google Chrome Lets You Build 3D LEGO Australia


Google has announced Brick, a collaborative 3D building experience with LEGO bricks that turns Australia into "the largest LEGO set you're ever seen". Google is working together with LEGO Australia to bring 8 trillion bricks to the Chrome browser.

Google Ad Spending Tops $2 Billion in 2011


Google has doubled it's advertising budget in the past year to more tha $1.5 billion. If you factor in the recently acquired Motorola Mobility Holdings and Google's ad spend together, that's $2.1 billion a year in ad spend, a new report says.

Google Offers Free WiFi in New York City


Google Offers is teaming up with Boingo Wireless to offer free WiFi in more than 200 locations in New York City, the companies have announced. The partnership kicked off yesterday and lasts until September 7. And tweeting about it will earn rewards.

Google Introduces New AdWords Look Globally


Simplified AdWords interface features new menus, tabs, navigation, and buttons to help data stand out even more. Google's goal was to make AdWords "visually appealing and zippy, while keeping the features where you are accustomed to finding them."

Google Images Define Words in New Dictionary


Look out Merriam-Webster, there's a new competitor in town: Google. A new image-based dictionary bearing Google's name is a bit different and operates on the idea that a picture is worth a 1,000 words, pulling Google Images to provide definitions.

Bing Visual Search Vanishes Down Memory Hole


Have you seen Bing Visual Search lately? Probably not. The feature – introduced as the search equivalent of walking into a store and visually browsing products – has quietly vanished, along with the blog post announcing its arrival.

Google Tests "Ads Related to" Notation Above PPC Ads


Google is testing the insertion of a new line of text located above the top block of paid search advertisements. The "Ads related to" notation appears for certain search queries. A similar test appeared last year but was never fully rolled out.