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  1. Google's Vint Cerf Celebrates 30 Years of TCP/IP

    Day one of 2013 marks a significant milestone for the internet, as it is 30 years ago that Arpanet, precursor of the modern day internet, was switched to running on the TCP/IP protocol stack which paved the way for the global internet as we know it.

  2. Google Maps UK River, Canal Routes

    Google is undertaking the project in conjunction with the Canal & River Trust, which is responsible for the UK's water systems, and wants to highlight the existence of canal path routes through towns and cities by adding them to Google Map searches.

  3. Google-Motorola Deal Gains China's Approval

    Google has confirmed that Chinese authorities have approved its $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola. The deal is expected to be closed by this Wednesday, with the requirement that the Android system remain free and open to use for five years.

  4. Twitter Helps Prove That Fame Isn't Fleeting

    Forget 15 minutes of fame. Google, eBay, and Berkeley University researches have concluded today's stars don't dim quite so quickly, thanks to sites like Twitter. They were unable to find any statistically significant decrease in fame duration.

  5. Larry Page & Eric Schmidt Back Asteroid Mining Project

    Forget data mining. Google CEO Larry Page and Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt seem to have set their sights on far loftier goals: asteroid mining. Well, that at least, is the assumption, as Planetary Resources has yet to reveal its purpose.

  6. Google, Senator Agree to Mobile Privacy Meeting

    In a letter to the FTC, U.S. senator Charles Schumer expressed concerns that privacy rights may be infringed as contact names, telephone numbers and email addresses are acquired from Android smartphone devices without user permission.

  7. Android Apps Can Access, Copy Photos Stored on Your Phone

    Android users have been warned that applications could be sending back photos stored on their phone to remote servers without their permission in yet another major security worry for the popular operating system. Google is considering a fix.

  8. Bing Vision, Newspaper Imaging Coming to Windows Phones in UK

    Bing Vision add-on will add the option to scan in QR and bar codes as well as image recognition tools that will allow users to view sites and retail information by scanning images. Bing Imaging for Newspapers will also launch in March.

  9. Google Debuts Chrome for Android

    The mobile version of Chrome runs on smartphones or tablets with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or above. Although Chrome for Android was designed from the ground up for mobile devices, it has many of the same features of the desktop version.

  10. Google Docs Adds Offline Support for Android Devices

    Google Docs now enabes users with Android smartphones and tablets to access their files offline. Google is adding the feature to help users access documents in their online Google Docs account at times when they may not have an Internet connection.

  11. YouTube Channel Hackers Post Porn on Sesame Street

    In another example of the dangers posed by the online world, the YouTube channel of kids TV show Sesame Street was hacked at the weekend and videos of muppets replaced by hardcore porn. The videos were up for 20 minutes before being suspended.