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Using Personification to Boost Your PPC Ad's CTR


Personification works wonders in mass media advertising, sales letters, and poetry. So why not pay-per-click advertising? Learn how testing a more personified version of your PPC ads might just result in a big win for your product or service.

Multi-Channel Ads: The Importance of 'Scent'


TV or Mass Media ads create awareness and possible interest, so PPC, display or Facebook ads should pick up where the other ads leave off. But they can’t pick up anything unless they also carry a "scent trail" of keywords, terminology, and imagery.

PPC Ads: Testing User Reviews to Increase CTR


Robust user reviews and the inclusion of reviews and other user generated content increases conversions. So can we use that dynamic for PPC ads as well? Yes we can! Here’s how you can give your PPC ads a performance a boost.

3 Dos & Don'ts to Spring Clean Your Facebook Ads

Cleaning supplies

Spring cleaning is on everyone’s mind these days, so if you’re gonna go all Martha Stewart on your basement, give your Facebook ads a little attention too! Start with these simple and effective tips to pave your way to higher clicks and conversions.

PPC Ads: When ‘Free’ Still Feels Risky


We all love free things, or at the very least, are intrigued by them. But assuming that a free trial or a free-but-limited sample will automatically win the prospect’s desire to engage in the service is a mistake. The proof is in the CTR.

Benefits vs. Features: What Makes a Better PPC Ad?


When writing a PPC ad, when should your PPC copy create a powerful mental image of the product or service’s end benefit, and when should you focus on establishing credibility and addressing concerns about the path to achieving that benefit?

PPC Ad Optimization: 6 Top Elements to Test


Testing and optimizing ads is critical for successful companies. So with a myriad of available tools and education, what’s stopping us from doing so on a regular basis? Here are six elements start your PPC ad testing and optimization journey.

The Power of Positive PPC Ads and Attitude


When it comes to gut feel, creating vivid mental images and positive associations with your ad copy starts to carry the day. It’s the subtleties of mental images and emotional associations that determine winning and losing PPC ads.

Is Your Facebook Ad Image Worth A Thousand Words?


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So when you’re stuck with a 160 character limit in a Facebook ad, use a great image to grab attention and tell the rest of your story. Here are 4 tips to help you find the best images for your ads.

3 PPC Ad Tips Inspired by Infomercials


Search marketers can learn lessons from successful infomercials: winning PPC ads make your product/service look effortless, make prospects visualize using the product/service, and make the offer clear. Plus: real world PPC winners and losers.