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13 Metrics Every PPC Report Should Have

Attract Engage Convert Renew

Metrics can be tied back to four basic lifecycle stages of attracting, engaging, converting, and renewing. Let's look at how these stages can apply to your PPC efforts. Depending on the frequency of your reporting, here are 13 metrics to include.

How to Turn Your Failed Tests into Winners!

Running Toward Finish Line

Change can by terrifying. But great testing results can sometimes be a result of a series of bad or "failed" tests. Embrace test failures as a necessary part of the process. Only then will you have the courage to try, try again, and succeed.

Is Your Quality Score Costing or Saving You Money?

A hammer about to smash a piggy bank

When it comes to AdWords Quality Score, everyone knows from best practices that increasing this magic number is beneficial for rankings and can lead to significant saving. But how much savings would that be? And is it worth your time investment?

How to Create a Solid PPC Testing Hypothesis


Developing a good hypothesis should always be informed by some degree of knowledge, irrespective of any certainty around what the outcome may be. Here is how you can create a hypothesis for your ad copy test and components to quickly improve it.

8 Elements to Test in User Reviews


User reviews are an incredibly powerful tool to use to your advantage, but collecting them simply isn’t enough. If you’re looking to lift the conversion rates on your product pages, try out some of these eight new formats in your reviews.

An 18-Tip Checklist to Boost Online Checkouts


Getting shoppers to checkout is the most crucial aspect of any transactional website, especially during the holiday season. Paying attention to these details can help you build a reputable and sustainable business – and make a lot of money.

10 Conversion Boosters for Ecommerce Pages


Most shoppers have developed expectations in terms of ease of usability and availability of features, so you’ll need to create an exceptional experience for them each and every time. These 10 tips and features will help you increase conversions.

6 Types of Retargeting Every Marketer Should Know


When it comes to retargeting, most marketers instantly think of search retargeting. But highly effective marketers explore other types of retargeting. Here are six different types of retargeting to acquire and engage a potential audience.

How to Conduct a PPC Audit in 5 Minutes


Got five minutes to spare? Learn how you can quickly and effecitely audit your PPC account against these five metrics to get a good idea of where and why your performance might be suffering, or even just to find areas for improvement.

How Bad Ads Can Improve Your Performance


They say mediocrity comes from the perfect implementation of traditional wisdom. So when you’ve tried every single ad optimization tip and trick you know, it might be time to push the limits of your advertising guidelines to stand out.

5 Tips for Writing Winning PPC Ads


How using clear, easy to understand language, as well as vivid, emotional language, plus focusing on the intent behind your keywords, having a clear call to action, and not going overboard with abbreviations can turn your PPC ads into big winners.