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Facebook Adds Mobile Sponsored Stories Options


In response to requests from Facebook marketers, the social network will, for the first time, allow advertisers to buy mobile ads separately. The developments were revealed as Facebook announced more nuanced ways to buy sponsored stories.

Video Boosts Mobile Ad Engagement Rates [Study]


In the first quarter of 2012, mobile rich media ads containing video had an average of 35 percent higher engagement rates. The users who decided to expand these mobile ads spent a total of 20 seconds within the advertisement, according to new study.

Yahoo Launches Marketing Dashboard for SMBs


Yahoo Small Business hopes to grow by offering small businesses an integrated marketing dashboard to manage and expand their digital marketing efforts. The dashboard provides a consolidated view of a business’s marketing results and reputation.

Foursquare Paid Search Ads to Launch in June

Foursquare Logo

Foursquare hopes to launch paid search during the next two months. Merchants will be able to promote check-in deals on the platform when users search for local specials, employing the same algorithms currently used on the app's "Explore" tab.

Google Unveils New Metrics for Brand Marketers


Digital marketers praised Google's new measurement tools designed to measure whether an ad has actually been viewed – called Active View and Active GRP – but said they might not go far enough to make display advertising more accountable.

AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo Kick Off Display Ad Deal


The ménage à trois in display advertising among Yahoo, Microsoft, and AOL has started on schedule. The three companies are now officially offering one another's unsold inventory. The deal offers reach and volume, but what about quality?

Paid Search Spend Down 6.4% in Q4 2011 [Report]


Paid search was down 6.4 percent from the same period in 2010, led by pullbacks from the financial, insurance, and local sectors. For the year as a whole, overall Internet spending rose by just .4 percent. Paid search declined 2.8 percent.