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Ron Schott

Ron Schott

Sr. Social Media Strategist

Spring Creek Group

Ron Schott is a Sr. Social Media Strategist responsible for Social CRM + Campaigns at Spring Creek Group, a social media marketing and measurement agency located in Seattle, Washington. He has led social media efforts for industry-leading brands including Intel, Microsoft, Best Buy, and HTC.

Articles by Ron Schott

  1. 5 Pieces of Damn Good Advice for Social Media Marketers

    At the heart of things, social media marketing is about listening, learning, and communicating. If we can keep those things at the base of what we’re doing and forget about the perils of failing from time to time, we’ll all do just fine.

  2. The Definitive Checklist for Effective Facebook Posts

    Facebook marketing is still about making a connection through interesting content. What has changed is the way we go about making those connections. This guide will help you remember the most-important aspects of making a successful Facebook post.

  3. 12 Must-Have Apps for the Mobile Community Manager

    Luckily for most, there are a host of apps out there that make doing the job of a community manager, regardless of when, where, or how, a bit easier. Here’s a look at some must-have apps that should be on every community manager’s iPhone (or iPad).

  4. Social TV Grows Up: Communities and Advertisers Flock

    Several applications have sprung up that tie real-world actions to online communities, and allow for an experience that goes beyond the TV screen and into the palm of viewers’ hands. Here are a few applications that we see as category leaders.

  5. 5 Ways to Use Social Media to Promote a Festival

    Social media is a powerful force to bring people together. Anyone planning a festival, whether it’s music, art, corporate, or other, should use it widely and use it well. Here are five tips anyone can use to promote an event – large or small.