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Andrew Davis

Andrew Davis

Director of Marketing

CPC Strategy

Andrew Davis is the Director of Marketing for CPC Strategy, a full service shopping feed management agency for online retailers.

Andrew is the author of three books, including the Merchant Comparison Shopping Handbook, the first comprehensive guide on comparison shopping engines for online retailers.

He leads the production of best-practice comparison shopping management ebooks and articles on the CPC Strategy Blog and also does ecommerce consulting for medium and large online retailers and online marketing agencies.

Articles by Andrew Davis

  1. Google Shopping for Suppliers Launches for B2B Products

    A new Google Shopping program, Google Shopping for Suppliers, was recently launched in beta to help "users searching for B2B products to quickly find what they’re looking for, evaluate options and connect with suppliers to make their purchases."

  2. Shopcade: Pinterest for Ecommerce?

    Meet the newest kid on the social media block: Shopcade, a site that gives shoppers the opportunity to share those magical, can’t-live-without products with their networks of friends, family, business contacts – and yes, even former classmates.

  3. Paid Search Ads Bring Big In-Store Results [Study]

    A two-year study has found that for every $1 of ecommerce revenue generated from paid search, retailers could expect another $6 of in-store revenue. Does it make sense to use coupons for your store? If so, here are some coupon marketing strategies.

  4. Who’s Your Chief Conversion Officer? [Infographic]

    Who doesn’t want to improve the efficiency of their sales funnel? Many companies are investing heavily to do just that. An infographic analyzes the efficiency of companies with and without resources dedicated to sales funnel optimization.

  5. Important Google Shopping Feed Requirement Reminder

    Google will begin requiring ecommerce merchants to abide by new Google Shopping product feed tech specs starting on September 22. What are the new Google product search feed requirements and will Google actually enforce the policies?