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  1. Google Fighting German Publishers Over Copyright

    Google is firing back at German lawmakers, who are bowing to the demands of major publishers with draft legislation that would make search engines pay a license to display news headlines. Do they even realize what they’re asking for?

  2. Facebook Launches Sponsored Results Search Ads API

    Facebook delves deeper into search ads with the wider rollout of their Sponsored ads in search. The ads will appear at the top of the organic results, are clearly marked ads, and cannot drive traffic outside of the Facebook site.

  3. Google Webmaster Tools Adds Search Query Alerts

    Google Webmaster Tools now tells site administrators when sudden changes occur in impressions and clicks for top pages. The alert notifies webmasters when search results clicks change dramatically and recommends ways to identify and resolve issues.

  4. Blekko SEO Tools Now Costs $99/Month

    Blekko has withdrawn free access to their SEO tools, opting instead for a subscription model that will cost SEOs $99 per month. The change comes after crawler updates earlier this year that brought real-time data to the tool.