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  1. Google Adding Explanations to Knowledge Graph

    Google is adding explanations to the “People also search for” section of the Knowledge Graph panel, to offer additional information and help searchers with discovery. The feature will roll out gradually as information becomes available.

  2. Google Plans to Combine Mobile & Desktop Ads

    Google plans to combine desktop ads and the less profitable mobile ads into one offering, according to CEO Larry Page. In the Q3 earnings call, Google’s top exec explained that users don’t actually want different mobile and desktop experiences.

  3. Bing Introduces Sitelink Extensions in PPC Ads

    Bing has introduced sitelink extensions for ads appearing across the Yahoo Bing Network in the U.S. Sitelink extensions apply to entire campaigns and run at the campaign level only. Learn how you can set up sitelink extensions to your campaign.

  4. Google Updates Above the Fold Page Layout Algorithm

    Google’s Matt Cutts has announced the first official update to January’s Page Layout algorithm, designed to reward sites with content, rather than ads, above the fold. Less than 0.7 percent of English language queries will be affected.