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Ben Goodsell

Ben Goodsell

Senior SEO Technician

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Articles by Ben Goodsell

  1. SEO is Easier With Keyboard Shortcuts

    Becoming efficient with keyboard shortcuts can help you navigate the computer in such a way that it doesn’t compete with the real-time speed of SEO thought. Using these system and program shortcut tips will help save you some valuable time.

  2. The New Mobile SEO Strategy

    Not only has Google come out and supported a mobile strategy, it comes with specific SEO friendly recommendations at no extra cost. Google supports three ways of serving mobile specific content to users and have provided recommendations for each.

  3. Understanding Negative SEO & How to Defend Your Website

    A successful negative SEO campaign will identify the weaknesses of your site and exploit them. So what’s the best defense? In addition to a solid SEO foundation and monitoring, here are some ways you can protect your website against some tactics.

  4. How to Get the Most Out of SEO Extensions & Add-Ons

    While Chrome is super-fast and has a lot of great SEO extensions, Firefox still wins the overall battle because Firefox display metrics at a glance and offers greater functionality. Here’s a list of active SEO extensions and plugins to check out.

  5. Recovering (Not Provided) Keyword Data

    Google Webmaster Tool search query data is more accurate than currently perceived. Clicks seem to be correlated enough with visits to make a conservative estimate of (not provided) data and to show how to recover a percentage of this valuable data.

  6. Basic SEO Troubleshooting With XML Sitemaps

    A quick overview of sitemap guidelines and limitations on Google and Bing and some sitemap optimization tips. Also learn a technique that will help you identify crawling and indexation issues using multiple sitemaps in Google Webmaster Tools.

  7. 5 Stages of Coping with Loss of Search Query Data

    Unfortunately, there isn't a silver bullet that will compensate for losing a rising percentage of keyword data in analytics. There are several things you can do to help gain insight and work around this obstacle. Experimentation is essential.