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  1. Google Shutting Down Buzz and 4 Other Services

    Google announced that several products will be shut down by early 2012. This includes Google Buzz, Code Search, the University Research Program for Google Search, iGoogle social features, Jaiku, and several APIs associated with these services.

  2. Google Launching an MP3 Store, Say Label Execs

    Google's Cloud-based music service may soon give users both the option to buy music and have the highest quality version of their song played back. However, Google is still struggling to win over the labels.

  3. IRS Audits Google's Off-Shore Tax Strategies

    Google's profit reporting for and the distribution of "intangibles" to foreign divisions is under review by the IRS, which is reviewing for illegal tax evasion strategies. Meanwhile, the SEC and French probe are conducting similar reviews.

  4. Google+ Adds Real-Time Searching and Hashtag Support

    Google+ is rolling out real-time search results, allowing users to click either the "Most recent" or "X more recent posts" to see the current real-time postings. Meanwhile, adding a hashtag will make the word link to a Google+ search on the topic.

  5. The Fed Plans to Monitor Google, Twitter, Facebook

    The U.S. Federal Reserve is asking bidders to send a proposal for a sentiment analysis solution that gathers location information and data from various social media outlets and news sources about the economy, and enhances government communications.

  6. Google+ Posts Now Tracked and Searchable on Topsy

    Topsy, the "real-time search for the social web," has launched a Google+ post search. Users will now be able to search through posts that are ranked algorithmically. Topsy offers trend data for Plus, which is where you'll find some real value.

  7. Google Sends Picasa Users to Google+ Photos

    Google has changed its toolbar navigation to direct users to Google+ Photos rather than Picasa. Though still works, this may indicate that Google is phasing out Picasa in favor of a socially integrated image and album service.

  8. Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) Adds Bing, Social Integration

    Microsoft's Windows Phone Mango update has been released. Users will find deep integration with social features and a mobile-tuned Bing search that lets you search via voice, audio, and vision. Bing Local Scout also provides local search results.

  9. Google+ Adds Advanced Notification Controls

    Google+ now gives you more control over your notifications when someone shares content with you, you're notified about a post, you're mentioned, you're invited to a hangout, you're invited to play a game, or you receive an update from a game.

  10. YouTube Adds UK Video Rentals

    YouTube users in the UK will now be able to rent videos directly from YouTube. The available features include classics, blockbusters, and new releases. YouTube is also adding additional Google account support and a U.S. Telemundo channel.

  11. Google, Samsung Delay Unveiling the Nexus Prime

    Google is pushing back a product announcement previously slated for the October 11th CTIA event. The product in question is likely the Nexus Prime, but Google and Samsung decided to postpone out of respect for the recent passing of Steve Jobs.

  12. YouTube Adds a Politics Channel

    YouTube has launched a new Politics channel that lets users see how the 2012 candidates compare in popularity on YouTube. The page also works as a hub for finding political videos, parodies, debates, and the channels of political candidates.

  13. Google AdWords Adds Mobile Page Call Tracking

    Google AdWords users will now be able to track the success of their campaigns in driving calls from mobile devices. The new code introduced by Google allows advertisers and agencies to get analytic data for calls placed from a mobile page.

  14. Google's ITA Deal Clears Final Hurdle

    Google's $700 million ITA acquisition is officially in the clear after a federal court review. Google has agreed to conditions imposed by the U.S. government – licensing travel data to rivals and allowing the government to review any complaints.