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  1. Bing-Yahoo European Search Ad Integration Starts in 2012

    Bing and Yahoo are now preparing to integrate their search ad functionality in several European countries, as the Search Alliance rolls on. Starting in Q2 of 2012, Yahoo advertisers in the UK, Ireland, and France will turn to Microsoft adCenter.

  2. The +1 Button Comes to Google Image Search

    The Google +1 button is continuing its march across Google properties. The latest recipient is Google Image Search, which now allows users to +1 directly from an image result and which promotes +1'd results to users who are connected to your account.

  3. Google AdWords Opens Premier SMB Partner Program

    In addition to its Partner and Certified Partner programs, Google AdWords is now releasing a Premier SMB Partner (PSP) program that connects small- to medium-sized business owners with established advertising firms specializing in AdWords.

  4. Google Maps API to Charge for High-Volume Usage

    Any site or app using the Google Maps API (such as through embedded maps) may be charged for usage, should their visitor volume be high enough. Google will charge $4 for every 1,000 visitors past 25,000, starting on January 1, 2012.

  5. Googlebot Learns to Read AJAX/JavaScript Comments

    Google's search robot has been improved; it can now read and understand certain dynamic comments implemented through AJAX and JavaScript. This includes Facebook comments left through services like the Facebook social plugin.

  6. Google+ Opens to Apps Users, Adds 3 New Features

    Google+ has finally opened its doors to Google Apps users. Alongside this much-demanded change, Plus added a photo editing toolkit, a post-sharing visualizer, and the inclusion of a "what's hot" stream. Hitwise also reports growth for Google+.

  7. FTC Finalizes Settlement of Google Buzz Privacy Issues

    The FTC has approved its settlement with Google that addresses improper privacy disclosure during the release of Buzz. The settlement mandates additional privacy procedures, including third-party privacy audits every other year for the next 20 years.

  8. Google Considering Bid for Yahoo?

    Google is working with potential partners to put together a bid for Yahoo. While Google could have plenty of motives for that bid, it may simply be joining the fray to ensure that competitors pay the maximum price for this major acquisition.

  9. Gmail & Google Reader Getting Redesigns

    Google is continuing its implementation of cleaner, crisper designs with a new Gmail look and a streamlined Google Reader. While Gmail is getting some added functionality, Reader is losing many of its social features in favor of Google+ integration.

  10. Microsoft & Alibaba Seeking Partners for Yahoo Bid

    A bidding war for a potential buy of Yahoo is in the preliminary stages. While Microsoft, Alibaba, and several purchasing groups ready their figures and hunt for partners, Yahoo's Jerry Yang assures us that a buyout is only option being examined.

  11. Yahoo-Bing Integration Complete Everywhere but Korea

    Yahoo has finished transitioning to a Bing back-end in every country except Korea (where Bing will take over by the end of the year). The near completion of the global transition should signal improved profitability for both Bing and Yahoo.

  12. Google Wallet Expands Merchants, Rewards & Offers

    Less than a month after Wallet's official release, Google is expanding core features. The three key elements are the automatic rewards features (loyalty cards/points), expanded and exclusive offers, and partnerships with several major merchants.