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  1. Video Ad Views Grew 128% in 2011

    As online videos and media-based monetization of that content become more mainstream, ad views have skyrocketed. This year has seen 97 percent video view growth, but video ads have grown even more, with 7.2 billion ad views – a 128 percent increase.

  2. Cyber Week Breaks 4 Records, Nears $6 Billion Mark

    The online rush for holiday gifts has broken multiple records. Three days during Cyber Week exceeded $1 billion in U.S. spend, and the week on the whole saw $5.959 billion in spending – a 15 perent increase from 2010's Cyber Week spending.

  3. Goodbye, Associated Content. Hello, Yahoo Voices.

    Yahoo is rebranding Associated Content – the article creation and distribution site – as Yahoo Voice. The transition to a new name also updates the design, standards for publication, and the content base. 75,000 pieces of content are being retired.

  4. Foursquare Introduces "Save" Button

    Geo-location social network Foursquare has announced a "Save" button for webmasters. This button allows users to store a location with a single click, then receive a notification when they're close to the location itself.

  5. YaCy Introduces Peer-to-Peer Search Engine

    YaCy, a German search company brought into being by the Free Software Foundation of Europe (FSFE) has released a peer-to-peer search that uses networked systems to index the web and deliver search results. But don't call it a Google killer.

  6. Google News Gets Social, Adds +1's

    Google News visitors who are logged into their Google account will now sometimes see socially promoted data on their news spotlight. The data will be promoted if a Gmail contact or a user connected on Google+ has +1'd the content.

  7. Google+ Adds Community Guides for Organizations

    Google is pushing to get more celebrities, politicians, non-profits, and other organizations onto Plus by providing "community guides." These free guides showcase successful profiles, give free advice, and link to additional community resources.

  8. Volunia Search Engine: A 'Radical New View' of Search

    Volunia, an Italy-based search engine, is preparing for its early beta stages. It promises to be a "radical new view" of search, and is being spearheaded by famed technology thinker Massimo Marchiori, who helped inspire Google's PageRank algorithm.

  9. New Google Map Ads Stir Controversy

    Google recently added bubble ads to select Google Maps locations. The choice to create new ad space has caused controversy, with some business owners concerned about the potential for reputation warfare and poorly targeted ads.