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Rob D. Young

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Rob is a search engine, SEO, and net technology enthusiast. His work as a webmaster (since 2002), in the web development industry (since 2005), as an SEO specialist (since 2008), and as a dedicated writer in the internet technologies field (since 2009) have given him a rounded perspective on the workings of the web.

Rob hard-codes in notepad, his favorite TV show is Firefly, and he loves writing fiction.

Check out his fiction on Amazon, his content writing portfolio, and his SEO Consulting site, or follow him on Twitter @RobDYoungWrites or as Rob D Young on Google+.

Articles by Rob D. Young

Google Brings Japan's Tsunami Damage to Street View

Google Streetview tracks tsunami desctruction in Japan

Google has released a compilation of Street View images that cover 44,000 kilometers of the region devastated by Japan's March 11th tsunami and earthquake. Users can view before and after footage as if they were right there, standing on the streets.

What Are the Most Popular Android Apps?

angry birds

Have you wondered which apps are most popular for each age category of user? Nielsen has conducted a study on the topic, and their findings show high popularity of social apps for young users and rising popularity of games and deals for older users.

Google Integrates Google+, Gmail, Contacts


Google is combining its three major services that focus on connecting with other people. Users can now take advantage of Google+ to filter emails, view recent Plus updates in Gmail, and get updated information in Contacts via Google profiles.

Google+ Check-in Offers Coming Soon


Google is integrating additional mobile and Offers features with the Google+ social network. Upcoming features will allow check-in based offers, incentivizing Plus shout-outs for local businesses – but stepping on the toes of other Google services.

Google +1 Button Loses Search Visibility


Google’s most recent tweak to the search engine results page layout drops the Google +1 button from constant visibility. Searchers will now see the button when they hover over a SERP entry and on any websites they have previously +1'd.