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Samir Balwani

Samir Balwani

Digital Marketing Strategist

Samir Balwani

Samir Balwani is a digital marketing strategist that helps businesses create holistic marketing solutions. His expertise include digital communications, online marketing, and new media PR.

He is Director of Acquisition Marketing for, a marketing blogger, and consultant for a number of small businesses in New York City.

Recently, Samir launched an online marketing audit titled "Insight Marketing Audits" designed to help small businesses assess and optimize their own marketing strategies.


Articles by Samir Balwani

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    As a standalone platform, WordPress begs to be extended to maximize your installation. With these plugins, you’ll take your small business website from a flat website to a full featured platform that’s optimized for search engines and social media.

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    In an effort to come to a better understanding of just what social media is worth, it's important to actually segment out and track social media traffic. With a set of filters, a few goals, and a custom report, we can start to track which traffic...