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Writing Better PPC Reports


Reporting the performance of your PPC campaigns to your stakeholders is a vital task, but it's not time spent improving performance. Learn how to keep your reporting brief but helpful by focusing on key factors and employing some dos and don'ts.

The Definitive Guide to AdWords Display Targeting


AdWords' biggest advantage over other display networks is the extreme granularity of targeting available. There is no reason it can't work as well for you as search. Here's everything you need to know about bidding, optimization and much more.

How to Avoid 7 PPC Analysis Pitfalls


Red Herrings abound when you're looking at your AdWords data. Information overload is a risk. The last thing you want is to see a relationship between a couple of your PPC metrics, make a decision, and later rue that you didn't investigate further.

Christmas AdWords Activity


Information on how the populace at large behaved and interacted with AdWords ads by day during the holidays. Christmas traffic was much lower than most days of the year on average, but 2011 traffic levels recovered a day before they did in 2010.

The Bid Management Recipe


If you want to start applying bid management to your AdWords campaigns to optimize for conversions, you're going to need certain ingredients and a framework before you start. This information will give you all the basic starting points.

Conversion Tracking vs. Google Analytics Goals


Conversion tracking is a must-have. If you can, you should. In AdWords you have a choice to use the built-in conversion tracking or to import goals from Google Analytics. Take a look at why you'd want to choose each method.

PPC Bid Optimization Without Conversion Tracking


Having a lack of good conversion data is no excuse for not optimizing bids in a campaign. The campaign can still perform better. Optimizing a PPC campaign without conversion tracking data doesn't have to be difficult with this simple set of rules.

New AdWords Metric: Estimated Top Page Bid


Google has just added a new metric into the AdWords interface at keyword level called the "Estimated Top Page Bid." This could revolutionize the traffic volumes from each of your main keywords. Here's what the new metric means for advertisers.

Important Timelines for AdWords Analysis


If you're new to AdWords this article is for you. I'm going to talk you through how much data you need to be able to make decisions about your campaigns. Are short or long timelines better when examining campaign analytics? And how much is enough?

How to Analyze Your PPC Ad Positions

Advertiser Impressions Typical Day

On the surface, your average ad position is one of the most straightforward metrics you’ll find in AdWords. But trusting it too much can give you some pretty misleading information. Here’s how to discover (as close as possible) the true figures.

Can Google Correlate Be Used as a PPC Tool?


Google have released a tool that enables you to investigate and compare correlations of search volumes across different terms over time. Could this be used as a keyword research tool for improving pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns?