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2014 AdWords Wishlist


Enhanced campaigns, image extensions, third party reviews... Fantastic features that have improved performance for search marketers. But we always want more, don't we? What do we hope that 2014 will bring from Google to make us really happy?

Stop Obsessing Over AdWords Quality Score

Google AdWords Quality Score

Quality score is complicated, but that doesn't mean it's all that useful. Alistair Dent pulls back the curtain to show advertisers what's behind the Google Adwords Quality Score and how you should use it in AdWords campaigns.

Using Multipliers Effectively in AdWords


The ability to start with a keyword bid and layer on increases or decreases in aggressiveness based on conversion rate of different user groups is a fantastic development for AdWords advertisers. Make sure your bidding strategies can cope.

Product Listing Ads: How to Maximize Your Returns


Product listing ads can be deceptively easy to set up, but there are still simple steps to take to make the most of them. Here are some of the simplest things you can do when it comes to bidding and optimizing your PLAs to maximize your returns.

How Display Campaigns Are Becoming Enhanced

Google Display Network Logo

Display campaigns haven't been enhanced in quite the same way as search. It's harder to converge devices around display, because of the differences in capabilities. However, some sexy new features are making their way into your accounts.

How to Use Google Analytics Advanced Segments


Advanced segments are the tool that expands the repertoire of possible Google Analytics analysis up to near-unbelievable levels. If you want to know anything about how different types of users behave on your site, then segments are the way to do it.

Google AdWords Bulk Edit Facility: 4 Key Use Cases


The new bulk edit facility in the AdWords interface is a long overdue move that replicates some of the best features of AdWords Editor. We look at some of the key use cases for this new tool and why it's going to be so helpful for your campaigns.

Segment AdWords Remarketing By Traffic Source


AdWords remarketing is incredibly accessible, but not incredibly sophisticated. Using remarketing in sophisticated ways can give fantastic results. Improve your results by segmenting your ads based on a visitor's original traffic source.

Downloads & Pivot Tables for AdWords Analysis


You spend time extracting data about AdWords campaigns to send to your clients, your boss, and other stakeholders. But more important is the data you extract for yourself, to really analyze issues. Here’s what you should take into consideration.

Analyzing & Accounting for Search Partners


The Google AdWords search partner network is fantastic and terrible. There is good quality traffic to be found, but Google hates you knowing what's going on. Not every site will work well, and it's tricky (not impossible) to know how to optimize.