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Brent Rangen

Brent Rangen

Minnesota-spawned Brent Rangen is on the top of his game. 2010 Small Biz Discovery Contest Winner (Bruce Clay, Inc.), SEW News Author, and highly desirable internet marketing trainer. In his spare time, Brent enjoys cow tipping, table tennis, and squeaky cheese from Wisconsin.

Brent is also a partner at LinkOrbit and owner of the Optimize Guyz, a SEO and Custom WordPress Design Agency out of Central Minnesota.

Articles by Brent Rangen

  1. Google Unveils Site Health Feature in Webmaster Tools

    The central idea of the new tool is to give webmasters a basic overview of site profile's standing with Google in one quick glimpse. The feature lacks several key components right now, but it’s a usability perk for anyone managing multiple sites.

  2. Business Guide to Facebook Launches

    Facebook for Business offers a clear, concise, easy-to-follow guide for businesses. The resource center brings value to business owners, employees tasked with social media, and marketers looking to sell and educate regarding Facebook services.

  3. Tearing Apart Killer Marketing Tactics From Shark Week

    Shark Week, a smash-hit marketing initiative by the Discovery Channel, pulled in nearly 30.8 unique viewers last year, making 2010 a record breaker. Will 2011 hook more viewers than 2010? Time to try and tear apart some of their marketing tactics.

  4. InboundWriter Review: Content Optimization Made Easy

    InboundWriter allows authors to focus on writing content, producing better quality content, and better keyword placements for maximizing search traffic. Whilst writing, InboundWriter assigns an SEO score value to your article based on a 0-100 scale.

  5. Microsoft adCenter Improves Daily Budget

    Earlier this year, Microsoft announced they would implement a new daily budget feature for their PPC program. That time for has now come. Tomorrow (June 1st), the new feature will be rolling out to all daily budget advertising accounts.

  6. Twitter Acquires TweetDeck for $40 Million

    What was first cited as “advanced talk” between the two businesses has been happening for over a month. Twitter beat rival UberMedia in a bidding war for the application development company, paying $40 million for London based startup, Tweetdeck.

  7. Backlink Tool Review: Ontolo

    Ontolo is a backlink discovery tool that will continually search for new potential link partners. By automating certain parts of the discovery process, Ontolo has the potential to cut down time spent researching new link propsects by 80 percent.

  8. 7 Useful SEO Add-ons for Firefox 4

    Matteo Mucci asked SEW via Twitter, "what are the best 5 SEO Addons for Firefox 4?" SEW thought it was an interesting question, so had a stab at the answer. Here are 7 useful Firefox Addons and plugins for an SEO and their day-to-day workflow.

  9. Top Google Spot is Less Valuable on iPads [Study]

    Search-based online advertising network Chitika has put out an interesting study showing that the top spot in Google receives 20 percent of clicks among iPad users. Top Google Spot is Less Valuable on iPads [Study] Last year Chitika tried to...

  10. Google Testing New Placements for URLs in SERPs? appears to be testing out new placement locations for URLs on their search engine results pages. As the PPC Blog spotted, the website addresses have been moved directly under the page titles. Normally, the URLs are located...

  11. Google Autocomplete Offers Suggestions by the Word

    Google users will soon see a new twist on Google's autocomplete feature when typing longer queries. Google announced that autocomplete will begin serving up search predictions based on only part of your search. Autocomplete, which basically...