Sarah Carling

Sarah Carling

Co-Founder/Director of Operations

Obsidian Edge

Sarah has been creating and implementing integrated SEO & PPC strategies for some of the most competitive industries, including finance, travel. and gaming, for over 7 years. She was also an early adopter of social media, and has been speaking on & training businesses in its use for more than 5 years

Articles by Sarah Carling

3 Underused Features of Google Analytics


Within Google Analytics exists a wealth of available data that is often overlooked. Here are three features that can give you a fresh look to your data. Using them can help you find a great new opportunity or diagnose a long-standing problem.

3 Ways to Invigorate Your Analytics


Data informs nearly every decision we make, but often we don't use the information effectively enough to put us on the right course of action. Here are three ways that most analytics analysis can be improved or things you may have overlooked.

A Lesson in Testing From a Few Stray Dogs


Testing for better results is hardwired in it seems. When you stop and think about it, we all do it every day. But what are you: an old dog too jaded to figure out a new trick, or a young pup willing to gamble one treat in the hope of getting more?