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Steve Beatty

Steve Beatty

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Steve Beatty is an SEO Strategist with Covario. Steve works with the firm's Fortune 500 and Internet 100 clients. He has been a thought-leader in the online marketing space since 2002, serving in a such roles as Project Manager, SEO Strategist, and Online Marketing Manager. Steve has also worked in a variety industries, including the mobile sector, e-commerce, real estate, restaurants, and health supply. As a key member of the Covario SEO team, Steve has supported a number of important search marketing clients like Samsung and Rackspace, to name a few.

Articles by Steve Beatty

  1. Google+ Report Card: Plus or Minus for SEOs, Users?

    Google+ isn’t the most dominant platform, but it’s the most impactful for organic search traffic and measurement. The future of the Google+ platform and its growth will be a huge factor in shaping and changing Google search and organic strategies.

  2. Why Your SEO & Social Strategy Should Include Pinterest

    You don’t have to be a lifestyle-type site to win on Pinterest, you merely need to make your brand fun and create interesting, shareable images. Pinterest offers other benefits, including social links generated from content shared on Pinterest.

  3. Mobile Growth Stats & Mobile Web Tips to Start Marketing

    In two years wireless customer growth has exceeded 20 percent. Did you know that the U.S. now has more wireless customer connections than people? Estimated to be 327.6 million active wireless connections in the U.S. compared to 312 million people.

  4. Even In-House SEO Superheroes Need Tools

    In-house SEOs need agile tools and adaptability to meet the demanding marketplace and expectations set forth by company executives. Look at the available solutions, so when the time comes you’re ready to convince the company why you need it.

  5. Holiday SEO Success Without Paid Links or Penalties

    Most enterprise search marketers know it's best to tactfully execute a link campaign in the months preceding a major holiday. But why risk potentially getting into trouble when some strategies can help bring new traffic, links, and support your...