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Liva Judic

Liva Judic

Liva Judic joined Search Engine Watch and ClickZ in May 2010 as a news blogger. She has lived and worked across the globe in Madagascar, Switzerland, London, NYC, Asia and is now based in between New York and Berlin.

Her background is in government relations and financial media where she started out as a journalist at Bloomberg and became senior editor at AFX news (now part of ThomsonReuters). Prior to forming her own consultancy Judic was head of international PR for a head of state.

Judic focuses on facilitating brand and marketing transitioning for European startups moving to the US. She has been named one of the Top 50 Industry Influencers of 2014 by AGBeat 

Articles by Liva Judic

  1. YouTube Unveils New Comment Management Page

    YouTube just revamped its commenting system again, still linking to but not totally removing it from Google+, despite receiving major criticism when it switched the system over to its social arm. Here's a look at what's new.

  2. Reports: NSA Used Google Cookies for Data Spying

    Just a few days after they ganged up on the government to ask them to curb the NSA's spying enthusiasm, tech giants are faced with another rather inconvenient truth: that the NSA is actually piggy-backing on Google cookies to gather intelligence.

  3. SEO vs PPC? SpyFu Recon Soon To Deliver Serious SEO Edge

    As expected, marketers' eternal riddle on SEO vs PPC did not fail to generate interest at SES San Francisco last week, as Imelda Khoo reported. Earlier this year, Kevin Gibbons had already shared with us his in-depth analysis of the SEO or PPC...

  4. Search Agency Update - What Are Companies Up To?

    Bits and bobs to keep up with search agency news: Magnetic and BrightRoll,, Conductor and Internet Retailer. Magnetic, the search data marketplace and search re-targeting company, entered a partnership with BrightRoll, the video...

  5. Twitter Mobilizing Sharing

    Twitter is also boosting its mobile interaction but mostly the news mobilizing attention on the chirpy company is the launch of its own Twitter button and the impact of it on Tweetmeme. Mobile interaction with Twitter is becoming easier than...

  6. Google Turbo Charges Mobile Features

    Google is beefing up its mobile features with two launches. First, it has introduced Voice Actions for Android, making it possible to voice command your phone on the company's operating system. Here's a video of how it works: Second,...

  7. Yahoo's Shahshahani On Search Evolution

    Yahoo published on its Search Blog a discussion with Dr. Ben Shahshahani, head of Search Sciences at Yahoo Labs. Here are the main outlines of the conversation. Yahoo's Approach To Search Echoing the words of the company's Senior VP of...

  8. Getting Seriously 'Wowd' On Facebook

    It's hard to find an original headline when the company name actually is "Wowd." The search startup has launched what it calls a "Social Discovery Client For Facebook," quite a stern name for a practical and pretty 'cool' social app that lets you...

  9. Yahoo Remains Committed To Search - With Perks

    Yahoo is focusing on content indeed but it also remains committed to search, Senior VP of Search Shashi Seth told us during a conversation at the company's premises in Sunnyvale. Shift? Many elements have been pointing recently to a shift...

  10. Google Adwords Ready To Roll Out Updated Keyword Tool

    Google said it is transitioning out of its 'old' keyword tools - Keyword Tool and Search-based Keyword Tool - at the end of August to offer only the Updated Keyword Tool version that combines the features of both. That's a lot of "tools" in one...