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Simon Heseltine

Director of Search Engine Optimization


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Spring Cleaning Your Website


While it’s great to focus on new and exciting projects to expand your marketing reach, every now and again it’s important to take a fresh look at your website. Is your site buried with junk? Evaluate what junk you’ve accumulated and clean house now!

SEO: A Force for Good


Think about what the web would look like without SEOs working to help legitimate sites rank for the terms that they should rank for. The more optimized and targeted a website becomes, the greater the chance a potential customers will find it.

SEO Christmas Wish List


Being a good SEO, there are a few things I’d like to ask for – for all the boys and girls out there in the big wide world of SEO. Like, can we have our Google keyword data back? Ooh, and some new toys to make our jobs easier? And more budget…

Strange Encounters of the SEO Kind


This six-step investigation process will help you diagnose extraordinary SEO issues, such as an unexpected drop in traffic/rankings, an unexpected increase in traffic/rankings, or a seemingly random selection of pages not appearing in the index.

Was the Google Panda 2.5 Panic Warranted?


Data that identified winners and losers of the latest iteration of Panda, where it appeared that Google was now favoring their own brands because they were the ones that had seen the biggest jump in an “SEO visibility” metric, may not be accurate.

SEO From Inception: The Dream is Real


SEO needs to be part of the overall strategy from the start of a project through to and beyond the implementation phase. This doesn’t happen in all organizations, though. The trick is how to get that to actually happen. Here are five ideas.

How to Identify & Fix 5 Common Redirect Issues

Misdirection Stage Magician

Are you suffering from incorrect use of the canonical tag? Infinite or multiple redirects? Using 302 instead of 301? Are you linking to a non-canonical form of a URL? Here's what to look for, and a couple tools to help you diagnose these issues.