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Simon Heseltine

Director of Search Engine Optimization


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Google Webmaster Tools: An Overview

GWT Site Dashboard

Google Webmaster Tools is the primary mechanism for Google to communicate with webmasters and helps alert you about issues with your site. This guide will walk you through the various GWT features, and what actionable data can be found within.

Bing Webmaster Tools: An Overview

Bing Webmaster Tools Crawl Control

Bing's Webmaster Tools provides some great data for webmasters to use and address potential SEO issues. For those unfamiliar with Bing Webmaster Tools, this guide will walk you through the various features available to all webmasters.

The 18 Worst Online Marketing Pickup Lines

I'd Never Return a 403 to You

It's Valentine's day, so it's the perfect time to enjoy some terrible online marketing pickup lines. We heartily recommend not using any of these on another human being, unless you're overheating and in dire need of a drink thrown in your face.

4 Frustrations for In-House SEOs


Working as an in-house SEO can be a rewarding experience, but it can also be a very frustrating one. Here are four particularly frustrating scenarios that frequently leave in-house SEOs with a copy of their palm in red on their own forehead.

4 In-House SEO Myths, 2 Solutions


All you need is an executive on your side. SEOs are always included in the process. SEOs are listened to, and the advice acted upon. SEO is a “once and done” process. Umm, not quite. In-house SEO can be a myth-tifying world. Let’s talk solutions.

In-House SEO Interview: The Hidden Heroes of Search


In this Q&A, two in-house SEO practitioners share their take on SEO from their perspective: in-house versus agency, challenges, skills needed, tips for new in-house SEOs, and what big industry changes we can expect in the next six months.

What 'Doctor Who' Can Teach Search Marketers


What does a 49-year-old television show about a time traveling alien with a British accent have to do with search marketing? There are several surprising similarities, such as the importance of using the right tools and always having a plan.