Manny Rivas

Manny Rivas

Online Marketing Account Manager


Manny Rivas is online marketing account manager at aimClear. His areas of expertise include blogging, online journalism, demographic research and all-things YouTube. Having worked on YouTube paid and organic video campaigns as a rap recording aficionado for years, he parlayed a savvy street-charisma-cred' (+ 1 well-cited marketing degree) into a fine professional run at aimClear.

He's been expert in everything YouTube from prior to it becoming a Google property...the classic college YouTube/snarky-forum boi-rat. He has spoken about YouTube at national and international industry conferences, and recent university speaking engagements include University of Minnesota, College of St. Scholastica and University of Minnesota - Twin Cities.

Articles by Manny Rivas

How to Build a Direct Response Funnel in YouTube


When it comes to marketing on YouTube, advertisers don’t often pursue the video platform’s power to drive direct response leads and sales. These are some of the essential components to consider when creating a direct response funnel in YouTube.