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  1. Google Flight Search Takes Off

    If Google's approach to email was conversation threading, then Google's approach to flight search is... not having to drum your fingers watching an irritating interstitial page... whilst the flight data is loading.

  2. No TV? Emergency Search When Google Is Not Fast Enough

    In keeping track of how the riots were escalating from London to all over Britain, became an adventure in getting the best, most accurate, information from social media. This is the story of what I learned about real-time search, as it unfolded.

  3. Gmail Man Stages Email Intervention

    Earlier this week Google launched a campaign promoting Gmail calling users to stage an 'Email Intervention', and "save your friends from outdated email". Microsoft seemed to have responded with a video about the 'Gmail Man', who snoops your email.

  4. Bing Man On The Moon Homage Makes Space for Way Ahead

    Whilst Google celebrated the father of genetics, Gregor Mendel, with a Google Doodle today, Bing paid homage to Moon day which celebrates today as the 42nd anniversary of when mankind first landed on the Moon. The gorgeous photos that we are...

  5. 37% More Incentive to Focus on SEO for Bing

    Rosetta conducted a study of organic search clicks from Yahoo, Bing and Google to vertical markets. The study found that the Bing-Yahoo search alliance presented significant competition to Google in the financial services and retail sector.

  6. How to Win a Trip to SES San Francisco

    For SES San Francisco we’re launching an “Attendees Choice Contest” that could garner you a trip to attend the conference (August 15-19th, 2011) for FREE. Yes, free entrance to SES San Francisco 2011 and your air fare & hotel stay will be covered!

  7. Could Google Suggest Be Used to Send Coded Messages?

    Google Suggest could be used to transmit secret messages in plain sight. That's the message from a stenography specialist who says spies and terrorists might try to send messages undetected by creating a coded message based on search suggestions.