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  1. Google is 'No Longer a Black Box' at BrightEdge #Share12

    One of the themes of BrightEdge Share12 was whether Google is still "a Black Box" and if marketers needed their own Black Box to deal with Google's Black Box. SEW caught up with Leo Haryono, Director of SEO at Macy's to get his view on this question.

  2. YouTube Brings TrueView Ads to Mobile

    YouTube's pay for engagement ad model, TrueView, is now available to target mobile devices via AdWords. Currently TrueView ads only work on Android devices but Google has plans to roll this feature out to all mobile devices in the coming weeks.

  3. SEO, Why You Are Doing it Wrong

    Trent Harbour's site was bitten by Penguin. This is a cautionary tale of missteps towards the problem of ranking on search engines. It is also an examination into why small businesses are completely at a loss as to what constitutes “ethical” SEO.