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On Magic & SEO: Open Letter to Forbes, Bill Barol

Lord of the Bings - An SEOfilms competition submission by @heatherbuckley

SEW's reply to a blog post on entitled, "Sex, Free iPad, Naked Pictures of Cat Deeley, 8 Ways to Get Rich Right This Second and Lose Weight While You Sleep" which urged demystification in SEO but instead reproduced endemic superstitions.

Search Engine Watch Redesign Breaks Records

SEW Redesign Page View Stats

Exactly 6 months ago, we re-designed Search Engine Watch to the site you see today. Content migration is the first major leap into our brand new identity, but the most critical piece of the puzzle. Now, we are pleased to share all the results.

Phone Through Rate is new AdWords Ranking Factor


Now advertisers can bid for calls made via any Google ad. The significant change is your bid-per-call will affect ad positions in AdWords which, in effect, means that advertisers can place bids on offline actions rather than on purely online actions.