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Google Launches Zavers Digital Coupon Service

Google Zavers

Google have launched a new digital coupon called Zavers. The coupon enables retailers and manufacturers to reward customers with coupons relevant to their purchases. The aim is to help retailers increase shopping cart size and offer redemption rates.

iAcquire Please Stop Having Fun & Get Back to Work

iAcquire's Take on Reinclusion in Google

iAcquire have posted a video to celebrate a unique year. After some high profile SEO hires such as Michael King, they got dinged by Google for shady link schemes. It was bad timing in the midst of efforts to raise their profile and the company came under a fair amount of fire from the industry - and Google's penalty was harsh - the company domain was de-indexed from the search results.

Google's Zeitgeist Video Gets You Right… There

Google Zeitgeist 2012

If you were thinking of stabbing yourself in the eye after reading the data from Yahoo's 2012 search trends, we don't blame you. Google has the perfect antidote. Humanity did actually attain achievements that were greater than the iPhone 5.

Towards a True Bounce Rate

SEW category interest by social source

A recent study by Covario's Marcos Richardson has found that the current way analytics software vendors are measuring bounce rate is potentially misleading. Richardson has lobbied the industry to accept his proposal for a new calculation.