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Joshua Stylman

Joshua Stylman
As managing partner of Reprise Media, Joshua Stylman oversees all aspects of the organization, from technology and product marketing to media management and sales. Joshua calls on more than a decade of experience in building and diversifying businesses in the digital economy. Prior to co-founding Reprise Media, Joshua was VP of business development and syndication at Ask Jeeves (now, and co-founder and president of Rotomedia, a boutique consulting and advertising firm. A world-class rotisserie baseball player, Joshua also sits on the board of Into the Outside, a non-profit organization focused on enriching the educational experiences of students through field-based activities.

Articles by Joshua Stylman

  1. Is Search Recession-Proof?

    While online advertising will probably suffer if there is a recession, I predict search will be the last place from which marketers pull their ad dollars. Paid search is accountable, efficient, and built on a cost-controlled model, making it the...