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Q&A with Bryan Eisenberg, Co-Founder, Future Now Inc.

In conversion marketing, the best leads go to the person who best understands the personas of their prospective customers and will spend the time to continuously improve their marketing by refining the alignment between those personas, their campaigns, and their messaging.

Human Flesh Search Engines in China

Manga Comic Death Note Logo

In China, vigilantes use the Internet as a “human flesh search engine” to find and punish people who publish material they consider inappropriate. The term is an imprecise translation of “ren'rou sou'suo,” meaning “human-assisted search engine.”

Google Maps Easter Egg Discovered

Google Maps features a very funny Google Easter Egg. Ask for directions from an address in Australia to an address in the USA the ever helpful "Get directions" tool gives some dubious tips on how to cross the Pacific Ocean. They suggest a Kayak.