Aaron Shear

Aaron Shear

Aaron Shear is a partner in Boost Search Marketing, an enterprise-level global consulting firm. Offering expert advice to many of the most trafficked sites around the world. Aaron has been optimizing websites since the late 90's, and has provided hundreds of businesses with countless top SEO and SEM returns.

Previously Aaron was the Global Director of SEO with Shopping.com, an eBay Company. At Shopping.com Aaron spearheaded the global optimization efforts of Shopping.com, Dealtime and Epinions. Prior to that, Aaron was the CTO at SEO Inc., where he spearheaded optimization efforts with clients such as IGN Entertainment, VEGAS.com, Sierra Trading Post, Sony Motion Pictures, Archer Daniels Midland, and Alliance Business Centers Network.

Before becoming an SEO Aaron worked at Inktomi, as a Technical Account Manager, where he learned SEO from the creators of the search engines first-hand. Aaron's primary responsibility was managing client relationships such as MSN, IWon, Hotbot and HP to name a few.

Articles by Aaron Shear

Lassoing Your Loss Leaders

Loss leaders are words or phrases that typically have such a high cost that they have a negative conversion rate. However, the general thought with loss leaders is that a user is just starting their research with these highly competitive and costly terms.

Accessibility Can Be Profitable

More than ever, it's so very important that a Web site be created for everyone, including those who are blind or disabled. Not only will you get more search engine traffic, you'll gain users that may be a valuable part of your revenue stream.

Spending in a Tough Market

Many large organizations are looking to engage an SEO agency as an alternative to hard-to-track media buys. The SEO should make sure that goals included in a response to an RFP are related to revenue and traffic, with a stipulation around the source of the traffic.

How Strong is Your Search?

If you're not using analytics in the right way on your large site, it will be difficult to adequately track your site's traffic sources. If you're not careful, you could end up with two competing teams -- one driving paid search, and the other driving organic.

Breaking the Norm with Search

One untapped way to capture search traffic is to combine content of related items in new ways. Many engines, especially Google, are looking for uncommon combinations of content that typically don't exist together.

Social Shopping: Build Long-Term Traffic and Trust

With a predicted slow year on the horizon, what can you do to be better and different in this market? This is an important question to answer, especially in Q1, when the e-commerce segment is very slow, so think about these types of strategies carefully.

Post-Cyber Monday Marketing Ideas

It's a good idea to put a development freeze in place from now until the end of the year, to make sure your sites are performing well and won't go down due to tinkering during the busy holiday shopping season. While you're waiting to put out any new releases, consider investing more effort into other forms of marketing that may have an indirect impact on your overall SEO coverage.

SEO Dreams are Made of This

Many major companies continue to make mistakes with their Web sites that hurt their search engine rankings. They target pages in the wrong way, or don't craft their pages in a way to prevent searchers from leaving their site after the first page. It's time for some SEO dreaming.

Maintaining Your Company's Image in the SERPs

Is your company the victim of bad press, or a concerted campaign to push your site down in the SERPs? By building alternative media types, and linking to compelling content about your company on other sites, you can often clear up the majority of the unwanted press by moving it down through the rankings.

Google's Algorithm is Shifting

Google seems to be moving toward an algorithm based more on "site quality" and user behavior. Links are still key, but there are many other factors to consider. Is your site ready to rank using the new factors?

Worried About the Economy? Why Not Try SEO?

Many companies that have been focusing on search advertising are finding their budgets starting to be squeezed by the recent economic downturn. It may be time to pay more attention to SEO. Search engine optimization doesn't require a huge investment, but it can offer large rewards.

Ready to Finally Try SEO?

Is your enterprise taking the first steps toward search engine optimization? The decisions you make now about building an in-house team or outsourcing some or all of your SEO program will either make your life much easier, or lead to problems that will drive you out of your mind.

Weapons of Mass Optimization

Building an in-house SEO team can be a daunting task, especially for large organizations. With proper planning, the experience becomes more manageable, and success becomes more likely. The important thing to remember when planning such a big project is to start small, and pay attention to the smaller details within the larger project.

Content? Content. Content!

It's become the mantra for SEOs, and the standard advice for all site owners, regardless of the Web space they're in. It's time we review the advantages of content, and where it may be applicable.

Recruiting SEO Talent for Big Sites

Finding an experienced SEO expert is not easy, when most are either in top-level positions at an agency or have their own successful consulting firms. To begin your search, throw everything you know about hiring out the window before starting this process!

Some New SEO Services Not So "Special"

Many SEO agencies are running out of ways to draw in large clients, especially when so many offer little to no value over the next agency. This dilemma has given birth to new "special services," which can set an agency apart. But beware: there are some unscrupulous agencies using these in ways that can sometimes be a threat to your rankings.