Jessica Bowman

Jessica Bowman

Jessica Bowman is the Director of SEO for and an independent consultant. Her background includes managing nine websites, in four languages across North America and Europe, in the competitive travel industry. Most known for being an in-house search marketer, Jessica relishes in the human side of SEO - the art of getting things done within an organization, a challenge for most search marketers.

Articles by Jessica Bowman

When the Honeymoon Ends, In-house

After years of being an in-house SEO, Jessica Bowman can tell you that an in-house SEO startup has a life similar to marriage. There's the honeymoon phase, and then it ends. Listen up as Bowman tells you how to make the most of the benevolence while it lasts.

Nobody Likes to Hear Their Baby is Ugly

The biggest challenge for in-house SEOs is delivering recommendations and getting them implemented on client Web sites. Jessica Bowman tells you how to make an SEO presentation that won't ruffle any feathers by gaining prior buy-in along the way.

In-Housekeeping 101: Where to Put Your SEO Department

In-house columnist Jessica Bowman offers advice for deciding where in-house SEO/SEM fits into your organization, noting there is no single answer for every company. The right place within the company for both SEO/SEM depends on the company culture, political dynamics and access to the people you need to get things done.