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Carl Icahn Can't Save Yahoo

Last week's public exchange between Icahn and Yahoo management is just the latest round of treating symptoms while ignoring the illness. As is often the case when corporate spats go public, lots of questions remain in the minds of searchers, search marketers, Yahoo shareholders, Microsoft employees, and the general public.

Who Owns the Brand?

For a whole lot of really good reasons, brands (particularly those with resellers) maintain an ongoing battle to protect their brands. And in the online world, they want to hold search engines accountable.

Forget Competition, the Search Wars are Over

Advertisers love competition because (arguably) costs will be driven down. In the single search environment that already exists in many countries around the world, search advertising costs are set by one entity. Maybe we shouldn't count the key competitors out just yet.

Yellow Pages and Search

Yellow pages directories and search engines are hopelessly intertwined as directories feed search queries and search queries feed directories. A new spin on the old book might just connect the dots.

Google's Superiority Complex

In the end, is Google's search advertising system better than Yahoo's, or are they just monetizing better? It sounds like a little bit of both, but we shouldn't count Yahoo out.

100 Million Theoretical Dollars

In a recent episode of South Park, the characters set out to create a viral YouTube video to earn their millions. While you're waiting for 100 million real dollars, capitalizing on the connection between traditional placement and search can be as easy as lip-syncing Romanian dance music.

Visually Impaired Search

Like search ads, PageRank, and blended search, Google's newly launched VisualRank image search technology has the potential to change the way SEO is done. Start paying attention now.

Who Will Cry for the Newbies?

Search engines now own ways of combining data from ad units and site visits along with the means to deliver ads to consumers. As owners of "one stop" toolkits, these search engines should be taking the same care to actually educate while filling their coffers.

Making Yahoocrosoft a Reality

The quibbling of two secondary competitors, while another lengthens its lead, has resulted in the downfall of many in the past. This week, I humbly offer some advice for both sides.

How to Survive a Recession ... In Search

With a recession looming, at least according to the constant warning bells from the media, you may be looking at ways to weather the coming storm. With these five steps, you can improve the chances of your business surviving, and thriving, during hard times.