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Suing Google over Yahoo

Yahoo's last ditch effort to generate additional revenue and thwart a hostile purchase from Microsoft might have provided sufficient impetus for a partnership six months ago, but we're a long way from the world we all knew then. The government, consumer watchdogs, and advertisers are all raising opposition to the Google-Yahoo ad deal. The drama is far from over.

Search Trademark Hobby Kit

Who owns the trademark when it comes to search? A lot of angry litigation stems from the huge dollars that big brands measure from clicks on their trademarked terms in search results. Are they simply misunderstanding the search realm and buying funnel?

Vote Obama/Google in '08?

Google CEO Eric Schmidt hit the campaign trail this week with presidential candidate Barack Obama. Did he cross the line? Is there any merit to Google's statement that Mr. Schmidt's personal beliefs are his own and Google isn't backing Obama, just its CEO?

Googloomy Times, Desperate Measures

Crashing markets, bank bailouts, and government investments in the private sector are the new norm. Let's take a closer look at what you can do to avoid being caught up in the hoopla. If you're smart about it, you might just benefit from the downside and create your own upside.

In Tough Economic Times, Whither Search?

The news about our world's economic conditions aren't just bad, they're insane. What will happen to advertising and marketing dollars as a result? Is search insulated from our economic meltdown? The short answer: not by a long shot. The long answer is a bit more complicated.

I'm a PC, What Are You?

Apple is trying to connect with the rest of the world (beyond college students dominating the Mac audience) via great ad campaigns. However, if you can't connect with your audience in the real world, you're flushing all your marketing efforts right down the drain.

Rehabilitating SEO -- Part 2

Time is a precious commodity, especially for search marketers. Every generation of Internet tools and technologies have to pass through time-waster adolescence. As an SEO, you need to recognize where in the continuum you are. Besides that, SEOs can spend entirely too much time heading in the wrong direction, a fact that is the epitome of counter-productivity.

Rehabilitating SEO

Search marketers are some of the most passionate and dedicated people I've ever encountered. Those seeking to advance their position within search results can easily become obsessed (to the point of addiction) with checking results and positioning. When considering how your SEO time is spent, what's important and what isn't so important? What kinds of things are OK to obsess over? Are there ways to improve or correct obsessive SEO behavior?

Search Ad Tools Help Manage Complexity

Search advertising tools have been unhappily married to search providers since they first appeared on the scene. But increasing consolidation and acquisition of search advertising tools by big holding companies is slowly opening a window of opportunity for independent providers.

Woohoo for Yahoo

Even after the vote re-count, a majority of shareholders voted Yahoo's board in, and Carl Icahn settled for the right to propose two board seats and a spot for himself. At the end of the day, what's more important than rebuilding the Web's biggest brand?

What's Wrong With Being Cuil?

Cuil may be a good search engine...someday. But launching it as a "Google-killer" was a mistake. What have we learned today? First, make sure it works before you launch it. Second, make sure you can live up to your claims or you'll suffer the consequences.

Google's Path to Domination

And you may ask yourself, 'how did we get here?' Today's search landscape is a result of Yahoo trying to integrate large acquisitions too fast, while Google focused on core disciplines, small complimentary acquisitions, and smart build-outs. And today, Microsoft is trying to do the same thing Yahoo failed at five years ago. Think it'll work this time?

What's on your Mind?

Anyone engaged in the practice of search has at one time or another struggled to motivate searchers. Motivation comes in the form of click action, triggered by text. But the action starts long before reaching search results.

Yahoo's Judgment Day

Microsoft was set to save Yahoo from certain death with a solid offer to purchase assets, or so we thought. According to yesterday's shareholder presentation, the deal wasn't such a great idea.

Social Networks: We Are All Animals

People don't talk anymore. They misinterpret information, fly off the handle, and dehumanize the people around them. To them, people on the receiving on end of communications aren't people at all. A lot of human complications could be reconciled by being forced to experience the tears, smell the anguish, and see the bloody devastation that one has created, live and in person.