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Herndon Hasty

Herndon Hasty

Herndon Hasty, senior SEO leader and evangelist at Range Online Media, is a key member of Range's search engine optimization practice. He brings to the team more than nine years of experience in online and offline marketing strategy — including five years in search marketing — for a wide range of travel, retail and luxury brands, including Macy's, Travelocity, Cole Haan, Wyndham Hotels and Godiva.

He is a regular columnist and blogger at Search Engine Watch, has contributed articles and quotes to publications such as DM News and Marketing Sherpa, and features musings on online marketing in general at Search Engine Snark.

Articles by Herndon Hasty

  1. SEM: A Call to Action

    A call to action in your ads and your site is critical. Getting your potential customers' attention is important, but getting them to direct that attention to doing what you want them to do is an absolute.

  2. SEO and PPC Can't Wait

    Time is a crucial factor for making the most of your search engine optimization and paid search opportunities. Here's how to make sure they don't just become another organizational priority.

  3. A Few More Resolutions for Your Search Team

    Want greater search marketing success this year? Try looking at search engine marketing as a whole, rather than two independent efforts, and have an open line between development and search engine optimization.

  4. That's so 2004: Everything Old Is New Again

    Taking care of the fundamentals will ensure that your business can withstand the biggest changes. It will also give you the time and resources necessary to pursue the newest and most aggressive strategies to layer on top of a firm foundation.

  5. Improve Your SEM in Time for the Holidays

    While it's the beginning of ramp-up time for your holiday paid search campaigns, you're nearing the end of your opportunities for SEO improvements. But there's still time for changes to increase those free holiday visitors in November and December.

  6. Putting the 'Search' in Research

    Knowing your customer is critical to reaching them effectively, and creating the ideal environment to convert them into buyers. Fortunately, your search efforts provide a great platform for learning about your customers through publically...

  7. Social, Search, and Branding

    Social media is about interacting with your target audience, creating bonds with your brand, and then giving your audience outlets to exercise those bonds. To focus on mere content and links misses the point of participation.

  8. What Can We Learn from Billy Mays?

    Billy Mays was the king of the As Seen on TV pitch. Mock him all you want, but there's a lot in Mays' legacy that can be used to mold an effective search campaign that builds your brand and drives action.

  9. Facebook adding payment platform?

    Chris Crum at has pieced together some very interesting pieces of information regarding Facebook, a former Googler and a new payment system. Facebook in May announced that it was testing a new payments system that would deal in...