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Merry Morud

Merry Morud

Social Advertising Director


Merry is Social Advertising Director at aimClear. A recognized Facebook-powerhouse, Merry's areas of expertise include Facebook ads, Facebook ad segments, PPC campaigns, social media audits, and community management. She has spoken extensively about Facebook as a marketing tool around the country as well as on the international stage at conferences.

Merry also contributes regularly to aimClear blog, and stays true to her roots by sharing her wisdom at her alma mater as well as other institutions, including Lake Superior Technical College and Marshall High School.

Articles by Merry Morud

  1. 5 Facebook Ad Features to Use NOW!

    Facebook has made improvements that provide advertisers more control, more organization, and streamlined ad creation. Here are five features you should be using now, how to use them, and how to benefit from these less talked about features.

  2. Essential Tips for Facebook's New News Feed Ad Unit

    Facebook has rolled out new News Feed ad unit formats to most, if not all, Facebook advertisers. Here's an overview of the new ad unit, how it changes your ad writing strategy, and some expert tips you should know for the best results.

  3. How to Set Up New Facebook Reports

    Facebook recently announced a change to reports that is slowly being rolled out to accounts. Wondering where to start and how to pull a basic ad performance report? Here's a walk-through of how to set up your first report.

  4. Big Brand Facebook Ad Image #FAILs

    Big name brands are still producing lackluster Facebook ads. Here's a roundup of some of the most disappointing Facebook ads, lessons to be learned, what they could do different, plus some brands running ads that are dripping with awesomeness.

  5. How to Create & Analyze Valuable Facebook Reports

    A huge part of mastering Facebook Ads is mastering Facebook ads reporting and analysis. Facebook reporting can be quick and easy when you fully understand these reports and pivot tables are built and in place to easily generate and add to reports.

  6. 4 Critical Things To Know About Facebook Promoted Posts

    Facebook’s new promoted posts are an excellent way to buy your way into more news feeds and drive visits to your content. Before you turn on promoted posts and call it a day, here are a few things to understand before forking over your media spend.

  7. Facebook Ad Images – Tips for Killer Creative

    If you want to seriously increase the likelihood of a Facebook ad’s success in a social space already cluttered with multimedia, look no further than the good old ad image. Here are tools, tips, and strategies to create winning Facebook ad images.

  8. New Killer Facebook Broad Targeting Options

    Whether your Facebook ads are targeting people who have recently moved, pregnant women, educators, ethnicities, or people looking to buy a car, these quick, easy, and practically painless options are great for local business and big business alike.

  9. How to Target Ethnicities on Facebook

    Segmenting target markets by ethnicity has been a traditional marketing tactic. Facebook may not have a simple select option for targeting ethnicities, but these ideas and tactics can help marketers find ethnicity and ethnic-related interests.

  10. Leveraging Facebook Ads for Obscure Charity Donations

    How to target the right people for donations to three hypothetical charities: a religion-focused Islamic charity with an English-speaking international focus; a national charity for transgender rights; and a local cancer charity in Cleveland, Ohio.