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Lauren Litwinka

Lauren Litwinka

Online Marketing Account Manager


Lauren is an online marketing account manager and publications manager at aimClear. Hailing from the east coast, she traveled to the Northern Midwest in 2009 to contribute her skills in community management, holistic social befriending, online journalism, copyediting, and content syndication to the aimClear team. Lauren has spoken about social media at the 140 Character Conference (#140Conf), and published organic social ranking factor studies shared internationally by aimClear. In addition to overseeing & writing for aimClear's AdAge Power 150 online marketing blog, Lauren prides herself in being a semi-obsessive Twitterer and enjoys churning out live-coverage at industry conferences, including Search Engine Strategies (SES) and Search Marketing Expo (SMX), at finger-breaking speed. She is also an aspiring Microsoft Paint artist.

Articles by Lauren Litwinka

  1. The Community Manager’s Conflict Playbook

    This playbook addresses various less-than-ideal scenarios and proposed solutions in a step-by-step outline. Arm yourself with these tactics to resolve issues ranging from a bad online experience to dealing with a brand product killing someone.