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Lisa Buyer


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Author of "Social PR Secrets" and named one of the top 40 Digital Strategists for 2013, Lisa Buyer is passionate and ambitious about how public relations, social media, and SEO influence each other.

She is President and CEO of The Buyer Group, an interactive public relations and social agency located in Celebration, Florida and editor for Social #PR Chat covering trends in Social PR, Mobile PR, Brand PR and SEO PR.

She is also a columnist with Search Engine Watch and a regular speaker at PubCon, SES, and part of the @ClickZ faculty, most recently becoming an instructor of the University of San Francisco’s online Advanced Social Media certificate program.

Articles by Lisa Buyer

  1. 10 Social Media PR Lessons From #OITNB

    With the big push in content marketing and the use of social media as a commonplace tactic for brands, rising above the noise is a challenge. With a little creativity, any brand can steal some inspiration from shows like "Orange is the New Black".

  2. The Ultimate Entrepreneur’s SEO Checklist for 2014

    How can entrepreneurs survive and swim with the SEO sharks? Here's some advice and top tips for business leaders looking for the ultimate entrepreneur SEO checklist for 2014, plus how to screen for social media fakes, phonies, and posers.

  3. 2014 Social Media Tricks, Tools & Trends

    In the new year, the stakes will be higher and the bar will be raised. Newsrooms will become social. Brands will become publishers. And you will have to pay to play the game. But you will thrive with these awesome social tools and plugins.

  4. How to Hire (and Keep) Digital Marketing Talent in 2014

    Executives are unhappy with the skills of digital and social media team talent. A large talent gap is hurting sales, employee retention, and marketing ROI. But all hope isn't gone. Check out these tips on hiring and keeping digital marketing talent.

  5. Content Publishing Tips for Brands From the Experts

    Brands publishing news content isn't a question anymore. Brands must master publishing to rise above the competition, get attention from search engines, feel the sharing love in social, and create brand advocates that ultimately convert into sales.

  6. Is BuzzFeed's Boom Making Brand Blogs Go Bust?

    BuzzFeed's president says company blogs are so yesterday. If BuzzFeed is the future of content marketing, is owned media the past? No! Cancel those funeral plans. Content marketers have plenty of reasons why company-owned blogs really are that great.

  7. How to Avoid PR Disaster With a Social Media Policy

    To reduce the risk of social media blunders gone viral, develop a company-wide policy that defines acceptable (and unacceptable) social media behavior, and dictates how employees can effectively communicate your brand culture, voice, and message.

  8. 6 Social PR Secrets to a Better Website

    Your website is a critical marketing component. This digital entry represents a brand’s aesthetic, culture, personality, mission, vision and business proposition. Here are six social PR secrets designed to help brands build a better website or blog.

  9. Online Newsrooms Grow Up, Go Social, Get Optimized

    Breaking news! Online newsrooms are the mother lode of quality content that should be optimized as soon as possible. A good newsroom can raise your visibility in search engines and with the media. Here’s how to grab the SEO/PR content opportunity.

  10. Hot #Instagram Analytic Tools to Optimize Brand PR Power

    More brands are hopping in bed with Instagram and statistics show the relationship just might work. If your brand is buying Instagram shots for everyone, here’s how to track every move, filter, hashtag, keyword, Like, comment, and user.