Ken McGaffin

Ken McGaffin


Ken McGaffin writes, trains and consults on link building, online PR and market research. He has designed link building tools and methodologies and has held senior marketing and creative content positions over the last decade. You can find out more about Ken at

Articles by Ken McGaffin

10 Huge Online PR Mistakes You Must Avoid

Online PR Cartoon

Press releases have a part to play in link building campaigns. Is your press release actually newsworthy? Is it getting to the right people? Is it focused? Is it structured properly? These are just 4 of 10 avoidable online public relations mistakes.

How Can SEO Stimulate Export Sales?

Worldwide Shipping

Exporting is difficult and expensive, but SEO is a powerful and cost-effective tool with which to approach export markets. Here are three examples of how online and traditional industrial retail companies are using SEO to generate export sales.

10 Lessons On Creating Spectacular Content


Creating spectacular content may seem daunting if you've never done it before – and it may seem risky because results can't be guaranteed. But spectacular content is becoming the only content worth creating. Here are 10 tips to get started.

Think First, Link Later: Creativity in SEO


If we’ve done a reasonable job of writing, we may well attract a lot of readers, tweets and shares, and maybe even a bunch of decent quality links. However, we’re unlikely to reach our objective of helping readers really learn.

What Does it Take to Get a Link From the BBC?


Chasing links from media sites is frustrating. It's hard to get a handle on the linking policy of individual media sites. The detailed linking policies published by the BBC give insight into how quality media sites might think about external links.