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Crafting Your Ad For Google Organic


Compelling ad copy can be more important than getting each and every keyword in the title and description. Writing compelling ad copy will bring more traffic which results in a higher relevancy score, higher rankings, and better clickthrough rates.

An Open Letter to Google


Hi, Google. As we head into a new year, please try to remember that we're people, too and sometimes we need real help understanding what you expect of us – not just a cryptic message of “be better” and a spanking if we don't do it your way.

Why PageRank Doesn't Matter


The signals Google uses are numerous and fluid. With over 200 signals used to rank a website, it's about balance. Chase one signal (like that little green bar) and you'll never have a balanced SEO strategy that will withstand the test of time.

Writing for Search Engines

Writing for Search Engines

There is a wide array of uses for content to improve your search engine rankings or just add new traffic to your site. Here's a look at three popular and effective uses of content, as well as why and how they're effective with search engines.

Anatomy of an Internal Link


Many factors influence the weight and relative importance of an internal link – including location and relevancy. Learn how to tell search engines which links are the most important to steer the page weight to your most important internal pages.

Internal Linking to Promote Keyword Clusters


A logical and well-coded site architecture that serves your visitors is critical. Here's how internal linking works, why clustering promotes the strength of sections of a website providing global ranking benefits faster, and how to build the links.

Keyword Clustering for Maximum Search Profitability


An in-depth look at how to group your list of keywords –keeping in mind your short-, medium- and long-term goals –ensure the highest ROI potential per sale by looking at your competition and search volume, and the tools you need to get it done.

How to Find Profitable Keywords For Your Website


Keyword research is the most important step in the SEO process. Targeting the wrong keywords or keywords in the wrong order can provide lackluster results. Here’s how to target keywords that stand the best chance of providing you a solid ROI.

78 Resources For Every Internet Marketer's Toolkit

SEO Tools

These free or affordable SEO tools, link building tools, coding tools, conversion tools, convenience tools, social media tools, forums, news and blogs, and social profiles will help keep your marketing up to date and help you do your job better.

Why Would Google Become A Bank?

Bank of Google

What might motivate Google to branch out into banking down the road? There's a long list of advantages for the Bank of Google, but we'll stick to the top five reasons. Also, three potential benefits for the clients: business and individuals.

Using Google +1 For Rankings & Profit


Google +1 clicks will impact SEO and your bottom line, though how much isn’t clear yet. Afraid your search traffic will die? Not brain dead enough to fall for spam scam games? These (mostly ethical) suggestions can give your website a social boost.

Google+ Wins When Spammers Win


As with any Google property, marketers looking to use/abuse the system are often faster than Google at finding loopholes. Is it in Google's best interests to stop Google+ abuse, or should they simply monitor what’s happening and address it later?