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Dave Davies


Beanstalk SEO Services

Dave Davies is the CEO of Beanstalk SEO Services, an organic SEO firm out of Victoria, BC, Canada. He writes with over a decade of experience in SEO and Internet Marketing.

He is an industry writer, reporter and speaker who wrote the second edition of SitePoint's SEM Kit, hosts a weekly radio show on Webmaster Radio and has spoken at a number of Search Engine Strategies conferences on topics ranging from ranking on all three major engines to Google patents and Net Neutrality.

Dave got his start in Internet Marketing in 1999 working for a Canadian web hosting company. Like many industry professionals - it didn't take long to connect the dots and figure out that it's easier to convert a client who comes to you than to find them yourself and what better what to do that than the organic results. Dave went from optimizing a single site to working as an affiliate marketer to then becoming the Marketing Manager for another successful SEO firm. From there it didn't take long for him to launch Beanstalk with his wife Mary.

Articles by Dave Davies

  1. Hub Link Building With Majestic SEO

    Majestic SEO's Clique Hunter should be one of your go-to tools for link building due to its focus on sites that are (mostly) relevant and sites that are willing to link to others in your industry. Here's how to use it to find hubs and secure links.

  2. Google's Matt Cutts on SEO: A Retrospective (2000-2005)

    For years, Matt Cutts has been the face of Google, addressing various search quality and optimization issues. Most webmasters and search marketers pay close attention when he speaks. Here are some of Cutts' most notable moments from 2000-2005.

  3. Link Building on a Budget

    Have more time than money, but want to beef up your backlink profile? It can be done. These four strategies will help you, over time, become far more resistant to algorithm changes and diversify your traffic sources to increase rankings and traffic.

  4. What is Duplicate Content?

    Duplicate content comes in many forms on the web, and each one can negatively impact your SEO efforts. Here are the most common types of duplicate content, how it can impact your site's search rankings, and how to fix duplication issues.

  5. Did Google Help or Hurt SEO in 2013?

    Come, join us for a look back at some of the major SEO issues we faced heading into and during 2013, as well as what Google did for and to the SEO community. Then we'll gaze into our crystal ball to see what's likely to come in 2014, and why.

  6. Image Optimization: How to Rank on Image Search

    Ranking on image search requires both the optimization of images and page elements to promote the ranking of those images in search, as well as optimization of images and image sizes so they load faster and improve page speed. Here's how to do it.

  7. The Value of Referrer Data in Link Building

    How is referrer data useful in your link building strategy? Learn three simple signals to help you better understand and capitalize on your referrer data, plus, find out how to take advantage of competitor data for more diversified links.

  8. Major Search Engines and Directories

    When you think search, no doubt you think Google. But there are other popular major search engines (e.g., Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and Baidu) that you can turn when searching for information, images, maps, videos, products, or something local.

  9. Correlation, Causation & Coincidence in SEO

    It's absolutely critical to understand and remember the differences between correlation, causation, and coincidence. Here we define each term, and look at some examples that you likely have (or will) encounter while monitoring your rankings.

  10. What is 'Pure Spam'? 10 Examples From Google

    We all have our own definition of "pure spam", but what's more important is understanding what Google means by it. Here's a look at 10 websites Google has kicked out of its search results so you can understand what qualifies as "pure spam".

  11. International SEO Core Considerations

    When expanding into a new market, it's critical to pick the right strategies to maximize your odds of success in the shortest period of time. Here are some core factors that have a significant impact on a site's ability to rank internationally.

  12. A Guide to Getting Started With Analytics

    Just getting started with analytics and not sure where to start or specifically what the data means? This guide explains analytics for the beginner – with explanations of five core areas, how to get to them, and what to look at while you're there.