P.J. Fusco

P.J. Fusco

SEO Manager


A frequent speaker at major search marketing conferences like SES and SMX, P.J. Fusco has been working in the Internet industry since 1996 when she developed her first search engine marketing (SEM) service while acting as general manager for a regional ISP. She was the in-house SEO manager for Jupitermedia and has performed as the SEM manager for an international health and beauty dot-com corporation generating more than $1 billion a year in e-commerce sales.

Today, P.J. is SEO manager at Covario Inc., working with Covario's talented SEO team to provide strategic services for a host of clients, including more than 60 Fortune 500 enterprises and Internet 100 companies.

Articles by P.J. Fusco

The Amazon Change Engine


While Bing attempts to emulate Google to produce relevant search results, Amazon is blazing an innovative trail as a change engine, redefining just how personalized and relevant search results can be for individual users.

Of Site Moves and Search


All you need to know in order to produce a successful site move in the search engines is to understand what's changing, when, and most importantly why?

6 Ways to Make Your Search Results Shine


There are always new ways to improve your business' search results using Google Knowledge Graph, if you take time to understand search query intent and implement structured markup across your website.

32 Ways to Trip a Google Spam Filter

Happy Matt Cutts

Ever wonder how or why your website lost its once favorable rankings in Google? If you want to stay on the good side of Matt Cutts and Google and avoid potentially activating a Google spam filter, never implement any of the these 32 tactics.

Where's the Search?

Search Then and Now

Search is everywhere, which means organizations must produce high-quality and authoritative, yet informatively entertaining, content that is device agnostic and encourages a uniquely human social echo for it to be deemed search engine optimal.

Collaborative Content Marketing With Big Brands


Getting a content marketing campaign off the ground in the enterprise can take some heavy lifting. But it doesn’t have to be that way. A little collaboration could be all that’s needed for your search engine friendly results to take flight.

The Content Marketing Elephant & the Enterprise


When creating content at the enterprise-level, fostering collaboration among copywriters, creative, user experience, web dev, and marketing teams early in the content creation process is the key for building content marketing success stories.

Enterprise SEO in 2013


It’s time to adjust our concept of search engine success and realign our online marketing strategies and priorities by engaging searchers with content created around client needs that are also beholden to greater business goals.

Inside Google Search Updates


It’s important to remember that some of the biggest changes in Google search results were not named all named after animals. As a matter of fact, some major changes in Google search algorithms this year have been named after nothing at all.

3 Essential Qualities of Enterprise Search Marketers

Enterprise-level Search Qualities Wordle

What qualities should you look for when assembling an enterprise SEM team? While creative, technical, and political skills might be in good order, you should consider some offline skills when assembling an efficient enterprise-level SEO team.

Your Website Might Be Over Optimized If …


There has been a great deal of speculation about Google’s forthcoming penalty for “over-optimized” or “overly SEOed” sites. Please place your tongue in your cheek as you read some thoughts on how to recognize a website has been over optimized.

How Google Search Plus Your World is Changing SEO

Search Plus Your World Word Cloud

Google search has historically been about finding the best results for the many. Google Search Plus Your World is about finding the best results for you. Now, “you” are the enterprise. What could this mean for the future of enterprise SEO?