Adaline Lau

Adaline Lau


Adaline Lau, ClickZ Asia editor, oversees day-to-day editorial operations covering digital marketing from search to social media, mobile to analytics in the region. Before ClickZ, she was senior reporter at Marketing Magazine and has worked as a journalist for The Singapore Marketer and Asia Pacific Broadcasting.

Articles by Adaline Lau

Baidu: We Do Semantic Search Better Than Google


Google unveiled its Knowledge Graph recently, which it called the “first step in the next generation of search.” Chinese search giant Baidu isn’t impressed, saying Google’s semantic search isn’t new, and Baidu has been doing it better since 2009.

Mobile Search Trends in Asia Pacific [Study]


A study looking at mobile search data in Australia, urban China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand reveals which countries search the most via smartphones, who they are, and what they’re searching for.

Sina Weibo Rolls Out Real-Time Search Engine


Sina Weibo has launched a real time search engine that allows people to search from a wide range of categories – posts, users, events, groups, votes and apps. Many senior marketers in China view Sina Weibo as a good tool for PR campaigns.

A Starter’s Guide to Search in Korea

Korea Search Market Share

Examining what South Korea’s top search engines Naver and Daum offer. Also: an overview of one of the few search markets where Google isn’t a major player, and tips for marketers planning a paid search campaign in Korea.

Video Search in China: Baidu vs. Youku


With close to 340 million Chinese Internet users watching video online and browsing time close to 4 billion hours, Baidu and Youku are battling for viewers. An overview of the two key Chinese video search players, plus potential ad opportunities.