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Content, PPC & SEO: New Year, New Tricks


Business is cutthroat, and so too should be your marketing plan. Become adaptive, making content changes on the fly. Monitor, refine, and kill underperforming CPC campaigns. And develop aggressive, diverse, and refreshing attitudes toward SEO.

Build Relationships, Not Links


Building relationships isn’t about trying to influence machines – it’s about trying to influence people. Here’s how tapping into the study of human behavior can help us better understand people’s actions and build stronger ties post-Penguin/Panda.

The 70/20/10 Model for SEO & Content Excellence


While data-centric methodologies are imperative to creating “foolproof” content that works, gaming algorithms is a temporary solution to a long-term marketing investment. Learn how to create content people want, rather than content that works.

How Google Names Its Algorithm Updates & Products


What’s in a name? What’s Google’s strategy for naming its products and updates? We try to hack the mind of the world’s biggest search engine by looking at the most notable and peculiar names given to Google products and updates over the years.

The 4 Ps of Search Engine Optimization


If there is any one reality to SEO, it’s that there are winners and losers. There are certain qualities that are necessary for any winning SEO strategy that can be broken down into the 4 Ps of SEO: proactive, persistence, perseverance and patience.

5 Steps to Strategically Managing Your SEO Provider


A bad SEO agency experience can often be avoided by being a smart, organized, and efficient SEO client. Specifically, there are 5 steps you can take to manage the relations you have with your SEO provider, and protect your investment and rankings.

6 Ways to Socialize Your SEO & Content Strategy

Traditional onsite SEO and backlinks are still fundamental. But if you really want to get competitive with your SEO strategy, you need to send search engines the right "social signals" that your site and pages deserve to rank well.