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  1. Google: 224 Million 'Bad Ads' Disabled in 2012

    Once again, the Google AdWords team has reported on its continued efforts to eliminate bad AdWords ads. This year, they've released an infographic that recounts all they have done over the past year to reduce the number of bad ads that appeared.

  2. Google Debunks Dead Donkey Maps Image

    Google released new images to prove that a donkey was not in fact taking a dirt nap after being run over by a Google Street View car. Rather, trying to put conspiracy theories to rest, Google's images show the donkey was merely taking a dust bath.

  3. Yahoo's Shashi Seth Follows Another Exec Out the Door

    Shashi Seth, Senior VP of the Connections business unit, has announced he's leaving Yahoo. During his three and a half years at Yahoo, Seth's responsibilities included overseeing Yahoo Search, Local, Shopping, Mail, Flickr, Answers, and many more.

  4. Facebook Graph Search: What About Bing?

    Conducting a web search on Facebook will return a new search results page featuring a two-column layout. On the left, you'll find search results plus social details powered by Bing; on the right, sponsored ads and related searches will appear.

  5. Hit the Ice in Google’s Playable Zamboni Doodle

    Google's Doodle today celebrates Frank Zamboni, the creator of the standard in ice cleaning and resurfacing for ice rinks the world over. You can both watch ice being resurfaced by a pixelated man on a Zamboni, or click the Doodle to play a game.

  6. Facebook Introduces Graph Search

    Facebook's new Graph Search isn't a product that will compete against traditional web search of Google and Bing. This is about filtering and sorting through the 240 photos and nearly 1 trillion connections of the entire Facebook community.

  7. Yahoo Brings Flickr Images Back to Search Results

    The new image search allows you to find photos available for re-use using the Creative Commons licensing terms using a standard Yahoo Images search. Simply look for the "Any Usage Rights" label along the left sidebar and select "Labeled for Reuse."

  8. Meet Izik: Tablet-Friendly Search From Blekko

    Izik is a new search experience built specifically with the iPad and Android tablets in mind using Blekko's algorithms, sans-spam thanks to human curating. The goal in creating Izik was to change search to be more touch-friendly on tablets.

  9. Inside Bing's Spell Checker

    Search engines auto-correcting your spelling mistakes is almost expected nowadays. Recently Bing gave a sneak peak of what goes into making a great spell checking engine and how it makes search feel like magic to its users.

  10. Google Offline Conversion API a Blessing and a Curse

    Google's DoubleClick division announced the Conversions API to help retailers quickly and automatically track off-line conversions originating from paid ad campaigns. However, privacy advocates are concerned with Google's new offline reach.

  11. Properly Attributing Email Campaigns in Analytics

    Many third parties will create email campaigns, distribute them to lists of prospective customers, and measure successful deliveries and click-throughs to your call to action. You need to go further: tag your inbound links with tracking parameters.

  12. Google Tag Manager Helps You Sort Out Code Overload

    Google Tag Manager, a free new tool from Google, helps you organize all your tags into one slick piece of JavaScript code. Enter all your tags in one location, define on which page or pages a particular tag should appear and Google does the rest.

  13. Bing Adds Klout As An Influencer and Vice Versa

    Klout and Bing have teamed up to include Klout Scores and influential topics into the Social Sidebar. And on Bing searches, the "People Who Know" section of the Social Sidebar will now include people Klout believes to be influential about the topic.

  14. Bing Will Be the Default Search Engine on Kindle Fire

    Continuing their aggressive positioning to get people to try Bing, Microsoft and Amazon have partnered up to make Bing the default search option on the Kindle Fire. Bing will be the default engine for the Silk Web browser on the new Kindle line.